“Reality Stars Battle” shock: the group expelled two people

“Reality Stars Battle” shock: the group expelled two people

Reality Stars Battle The nominees probably didn’t expect this! Also in Episode 8, there was another celebrity reality watch. The participants actually thought that this time only one resident had to leave the lounge, but presenter Cathy Hummels (34) surprisingly declared that two VIPs had to go home. But who hit her today?

In the new episode, each participant had to nominate two fellow candidates. This decision did not seem to be difficult for the celebrity. Berlin Day and Night star Martin Wernick took home ten coins, and former German model Larissa Neumann was nominated for a total of seven times. Thus it becomes clear: The two have to pack their bags because airtime is finally over!

Judgment before they leave Martin And the Larissa A few final words to the group. “Yes, I did!” The 38-year-old rejoiced. On the other hand, the blonde thanked her colleagues for the time spent together. “I really felt completely comfortable with you, even if we didn’t have a blatant connection to each other at the end.”She said.

“Battle of the Reality Stars,” starting April 13, 2022, every Wednesday at 8:15 PM on RTLZWEI and on Saturday in advance in preview on RTL+.

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