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Status: 06.06.2021 3:30 PM

Gideon Young is no longer part of Hamburg’s second-tier squad in the new season. “The change is the best for his future path,” sporting director Michael Motzel said after the contract was terminated.

The 26-year-old was one of the longest serving pros in the squad. Moving from RW Oberhausen to Elbe in 2014, the multi-level defensive player has evolved into a permanent player. In 2017, Young celebrated the European Championship title with the German under-21 team. But recently he is no longer around the 1.89m tall man due to injury. The termination of the contract, which actually runs until June 30, 2022, comes as a surprise.

“HSV was my first professional position in the Bundesliga and I am very proud of that. I wish the club all the best for the future and to do so next season. With promotion work,” HSV quoted his longtime player.

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Sporting director Motzel did not spare words of praise: “Gideon is a professional who has not always had easy times in his years at HSV. He has always acted professionally and also in difficult times in the service of the team.”

The 41-year-old confirmed that the end of the collaboration “matured after a joint analysis”. The decision also comes as a surprise because the Hamburg media has been very quiet about this character so far. So far, there have been no rumors about Jung’s transfer. In addition, Hamburg has already lost a lot of experience in the team with the departures of Aaron Hunt, Simon Tyrode and Sven Ulrich.

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