Condor and Lufthansa have long been arguing about which feeder flights the crane should make for Condor’s guests, but now Condor has scored another stage victory.

German airlines Condor and Lufthansa have not got along well for some time. One of the most central points of contention is the agreement between the two companies on feeder flights for Condor, which is operated by Lufthansa. In this context, Lufthansa has already terminated the so-called “Special Partition Agreement” contracts, which guarantee Condor-fed flights to and from Frankfurt via Lufthansa. Since then, the office of the Federal Cartel has always been on the side of Condor, so Lufthansa had to carry out flights. Another “safe” period has now been defined: in summer 2022 and winter 2022/23, the Condor will once again have full access to Lufthansa feeders, for example, among other things. FVW mentioned.

Clarity at last for Condor

Condor could breathe a sigh of relief again. In the row over Lufthansa feeder flights, the “small” airline once again had minor success against the “big” Lufthansa. In fact, this is not the first time that the Federal Cartel Office has made a decision in favor of Condor, and thus obligating Lufthansa to comply with its agreement on feeder flights. However, the last deadline would have expired on May 10, 2022, which could cause problems for Condor, especially regarding important summer months. However, there is now also a timeline for the post-May 10th period. Condor customers can also book flights with Lufthansa for the summer of 2022 and the upcoming winter season.

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Lufthansa Frankfurt

With these feeder flights, it is ensured that the baggage has already been checked by Lufthansa at the airport of departure to the final destination with Condor, and that you receive your boarding pass for the entire flight immediately and at the same time you are fully protected in the event of delay.

However, a small problem remained, because another decision by the Federal Cartel Office is still pending. Initially, only feeding flights are guaranteed to be booked until October 30, 2022, but departures after this date can also be in winter 2022/2023.

In the dispute, Condor accuses Lufthansa of only wanting to terminate the joint agreement in order to strengthen its holiday airline Eurowings Discover and weaken Condor.

Conclusion on new developments in the controversy over Lufthansa Nourishing Flights

Good news for Condor and Condor customers. There is another period in which flights are secured by Lufthansa. Thus, the dispute between the two German airlines went back a few months. Bundeskartellamt is still working on the case and will make a decision at a later date on how to proceed after October 30, 2022.


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