Cinsheim Seven-Goal Scene: Freiberg rides wildly in the curriculum for the Premier class

Cinsheim Seven-Goal Scene: Freiberg rides wildly in the curriculum for the Premier class

Cinsheim seven-goal display
Freiburg takes a wild ride to the Premier class

In a brilliant match at the Bundesliga, SC Freiburg 1899 defeated Hoffenheim and advanced to fourth for at least two nights. Each of these games is characterized by two double strikes within three minutes. TSG loses key points in the struggle for Europe.

After another great performance, SC Freiburg intends to participate in the Champions League for the first time. The finalist won the trophy 4: 3 (1: 1) on the third and final day of the Bundesliga at the Baden Duel in TSG Hoffenheim. Breisgauer have temporarily captured at least fourth place.

Roland Salloy (23 ‘), Christian Gunder (50’), Lucas Holler (70 ‘) and Woo-Yong Jeong (73’) scored for Freiburg. Fifth Monday to go to Borussia Mönchengladbach. The TSG is still in decline, without winning seven games and finally losing sight of the European Cup. Goals from Andrzej Gramaric (32 ‘), Angelo Stiller (49’) and Sebastian Rudy (84 ‘) did not change that.

With 23,627 spectators in Cincinnati, Hoffenheim dominated the opening stage. After a mistake by Freiburg defender Manuel Gulde, DSG star striker Grameric dropped the first chance (7 ‘). Freiburg, who had to do without Yannik Keitel, Kevin Schade and Noah Weißhaupt, had a hard time getting into the game. In the forward game, the Briskiers did not cope with anything, otherwise the strong outfielders did not come to their own game. Security with three people also did not work well.

24. Freiburg’s consistent goal

Despite problems in all areas, coach Christian Streach’s team took the lead with the first successful attack. After Höler’s preparations, Hungarian player Sallay did not give a chance to former SC goalkeeper Oliver Baumann. After taking the lead, the guests briefly took control, but Hoffenheim scored. After a cross from national player David Rum, Croatian vice-world champion Gramerik arrived there. This is the fifth goal of the season, which has come under criticism in recent weeks.

Christoph Bamkardner of Austria missed the opportunity in the 39th minute, missing out on Ermin Pikachik, Benjamin Habner, Marco John, Howard Nordeweit, Stephen Bosch and Chris Richards. At the start of the second round, Stretch switched from a three-man to a four-man defense and brought in his super joker, Niles Peterson. The move initially backfired. After Grammar’s preliminary work, Stiller scored. However, SC was shocked for only a few seconds and Captain Thug equalized immediately.

After two early goals in the second half, the match really picked up speed. Both teams played with the intention of winning. Holler missed the best chance at this point (62nd). Shortly afterwards, Hoffenheim’s Diadie Samssekou was lucky not to see the yellow-red card (69 ‘). Holler scored the free kick. It was already the 24th consecutive goal for Freiburg, who are leading the league. Shortly afterwards, South Korean player Jeong lifted the ball. Rudy was excited again.


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