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They are brothers and enemies. And they both came to conquer…

This was not the case with ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’: brothers Harry (21) and Gianni Lafontaine (17) are in the semi-finals together – and pitted against each other.

Is there competition brewing?

“If we brothers somehow feel a bit competitive, then we shouldn’t call ourselves brothers,” Gianni told BILD.

And his older brother Harry could only agree: “We have so much love, there really is no room for competition.”

Gianni Lafontaine is one of the favorites for the current season Photo: Roberto Vail / D

place in DSDS without his brother? Nobody! Because Gianni really wanted to go to the DSDS with Harry and he simply recorded it – without asking him.

But Harry is now grateful to him: “I had very little self-confidence when it came to music. And I would never have signed up there, so I wasn’t strong enough for that.”

Harry also sings in the hearts of DSDS viewers and judges

Harry also sings in the hearts of DSDS viewers and judgesPhoto: Roberto Vail / D

But Harry was strong enough for Gianni to summon overseas: “Without him, I guess I wouldn’t have voluntarily stayed there,” Gianni admitted in a BILD interview. “It was all too much pressure for me, it was so new, I couldn’t really handle it…”

This was Gianni’s second DSDS. At the age of six he had participated in the children’s version of the show. And that’s just because he “really wanted to go on vacation or go to the beach.”

At that time he reached the final. Will he succeed again on Saturday night?

This time maybe even with his brother Harry…

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