Chinese brands Ora and Wey come to Europe «

Chinese automaker Great Wall plans to launch its Ora and Wey brands in Europe in 2022.

5 a.m., September 14, 2021


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Ora Cat should start at around €30,000 © now

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Chinese brand currentlyLaunched in 2018, a subsidiary of the Great Wall Group announced at the IAA fair in Munich that it will also launch its models in Europe next year. In total, there is talk of five cars by 2025, which also want to build their own production facility.

In Munich, however, there is another sub-brand Great Wall Motors In the spotlight: wi Represents the Noble Railway in the group and wishes in Europe with the name SUV 4.87 meters long coffee 01 Start, a plug-in hybrid with 476 hp and a purely electric range of 150 km.

SUV 01 coffee from Wey Photo © WEY

But back to Ora: the brand is clearly targeting a younger target group and has a whole range of models in a retro futuristic variant in its range. In Munich they showed Haomao, what somewhat “good cat” I mean, in Europe simply Never should be called.

The five-door is 4.24 meters long, Two battery sizes It was announced: the smaller missile with a capacity of 49 kWh should be good for a range of up to 300 km, the larger, at 63 kWh, the Chinese give 100 km more. The electric motor has a maximum output of 126 kW (171 hp). It is said that prices are around 30,000 euros to start.

Ora Cat should have a range of 400 km Photo © ORA

By the way, the thing with cats seems to have a system in Ora: two more archetypes in the future are supposed to be Shandianmao (“luminous cat”) and damao (“big cat”) mean. Recently, the Chinese introduced two more cars, “Punk Cat” And “Ballet Cat” , which reminds us more than just the blessed VW Beetle.

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