Carcinogenic!  Be careful with this pasta

Remember: Be careful with this instant noodles

In the pasta was The carcinogen 2-chloroethanol Discover. It is an insecticide that in the European Union not allowed. So the summons should be taken seriously. It is highly recommended not to eat pasta. Here is the most important information about the recalled products:

  • Product: Instant Kimchi Nudelsuppe
  • Contents: 120 grams
  • Lot number: L: 2021317649
  • Best before the appointment: 19.05.2022
  • the creator: Nongshim Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea
  • importer: Asia Express Food Bv

These instant noodles from Asia Viet Duc Im- und Export are also recalled:

Material: shrimp flavor hao hao
Best before date MHD: 06.11.2022
Part Number: SG A7 09:42

Material: chicken flavor hao hao
Best Before History MHD: 09/16/2022
Part Number: SG B4 12:32

Artikel Material: Mi Lau Thai Chicken Flavor
Best Before History MHD: 09/19/2022
Part number: SG B5 06:26

There is not enough information

Usually, customers can return the returned products by presenting the receipt and get their money back. What instant noodle buyers should do now, The merchant did not comment on this. However, what is certain is: Pasta should never be eaten. According to the consumer portal, something like this shouldn’t be the case:

In our opinion, manufacturers, dealers or sellers of affected products do not comprehensively and unconditionally inform end customers. There is no guarantee that as many end users as possible will have access to this information.

If you have already eaten pasta, it is recommended that you see a doctor for a medical examination.

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