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Chelsea and United Series: Barcelona must trust Bayern’s mercy

Chelsea and United continue
Barcelona should expect Bavaria’s mercy

Bayern Munich will decide the fate of Barcelona on the final day of the Champions League qualifiers. The Spanish giants are threatened in the opening round. Defending champions Chelsea and Manchester United are both going well. In Bern, visitors watch a wild game of birds.

Traditional Spanish club FC Barcelona should continue to be scared for the 16th round. In the second game under new coach Xavi, the five-time title winner against Benfica did not go over 0-0. With seven points, Barசாa are second only to Benfica (5), but they will have to compete in Bayern on the final day of the match. If Barcelona do not win against the German record champions on the last day of the tournament, they should expect the help of Dynamo Kiev. Benfica won in a direct comparison against the Catalans. Bayern have won five of their last five Champions League games.

Xavi’s team scored a goal through Ronald Arazo in the final, but had an offside position before the goal. Benfica missed the opportunity to open the door to the 16th round with the win in the last few minutes. After a counter-attack at the break, former Frankfurt Harris Seferovic lifted the ball over Germany national goalkeeper Marc-Andre Der Stegen, but was next to the goal.

A win for Soulscare

However, around defending champions FC Chelsea manager Thomas Toussaint has bought a ticket to the 16th round of the Champions League. The English beat already qualified Juventus Turin 4-0 (1-0) on Tuesday evening and topped the table in the H Division. Center-back Trevor Salopa (25th), Reese James (55th), Colm Hudson-Otoi (58th) and nationalist Timo Werner (90th + 5th) scored for Chelsea, who battled it out for a team victory at the Fernandez on the final day of the match. Werner was turned on in the 72nd minute after a long injury.

Chelsea’s league rivals Manchester United have once again relied on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and celebrated their entry into the knockout stages. Two days after splitting from team manager Ole Gunner Solskare, the England record champions beat Europa League winners Villarreal FC 2-0 (0-0). Ronaldo (78th) and former Dortmund Jaden Sancho (90th) scored. This is United’s first foreign Champions League victory since their victory over Paris Saint – Germain in October 2020.

“These are not easy days for anyone at the club,” said interim coach Michael Garrick. “This result almost feels like it was for Ole. If you are not satisfied with the results, individually and as a group, everything can not be clicked right away. We had to fight to express character.”

The Wolfsburg team is still open

In the United team, Atlanta Bergamo missed a big step towards the knockout stage. Injured national player Robin Kozensen’s club are third in the wild with a 3: 3 (1: 1) split from the Young Boys Bern. On December 8, the Italians will receive Villarreal for the final of the game. Former Schalke coach David Wagner’s Swiss team was eliminated despite heroism.

Things are very tight at the Wolfsburg Group G. Thanks to a goal from Jonathan David (31st), Lily advanced to the table (eight points) by defeating OSC champion RP Salzburg 1-0 (1-0). New national player Kareem Adomi (7) was followed by the Austrians, followed by Sevilla (6) and Wolfsburg (5).

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