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Charles K. on Google Doodle. Cow: Who is he?

Charles K. on Google Doodle.  Cow: Who is he?

Today the physicist Charles K. Gao is 88 years old. Google honors him with a doodle. Here we explain everything you need to know about the Nobel Laureate and his discoveries.

Today, Thursday, Google Charles Q. Google has released a new doodle in Kao’s memory. The physicist is 88 years old today. Charles K. Here we show who Kao is and what he did with her Nobel Prize Presented in Physics.

Charles K. Cow: Portrait of a physicist

Today, 88 years ago, on November 4, 1933, the physicist was born in Shanghai. His full name is Charles Queen Cow, although he is usually only called by an abbreviated name. Cow is United States Grew up but began to study in England. In 1965 he received his doctorate. At Imperial College London. The physicist then worked at ITT’s standard telecommunications laboratories in Harlow, Essex. There he was appointed director of engineering and began researching optical communications using infrared.

He then actively pursued the larger field of telecommunications and brought completely new possibilities and momentum to this area with his ideas. He himself conducted telecommunications experiments with fiber optics and at the time concluded that much of the data loss was not caused by a technical defect but by a contaminated fiber optic network.

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Charles K. Gao passed away on September 23, 2018 in Hong Kong at the age of 84.

Charles K. Cao’s breakthrough: data transfer via fiber optics

Despite the high data loss, he did not want to eliminate fiber optics as a transfer medium, but wanted to improve them. In 1966, he proposed to continue using fiber optics if data loss could be reduced from 1000 dB / km to 20 dB / km. Corning Glass Works can even reduce this limit and 17 dB / km data loss is possible, says Charles K. Gao has so far developed his idea. The physicist made possible a completely new momentum in the field of telecommunications and was able to establish glass fiber itself as a transmission medium.

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On October 6, 2009, Charles K. Gao received the Nobel Prize in Physics. His award was justified by “amazing achievements in the field of light transmission using fiber optics for optical communication”.

In today’s Google Doodle you can find Charles K. Cao his greatest invention, glass fibers and their use. The physicist stands in front of a large structure – a fiber optic cable. Google Doodle animation moves to show the speed of the fiber. Innovation is used not only in the field of data transfer, but also for some other things. To this day, Charles K. Cao is known as the “Father of Fiber Optics” because of his idea.

Principle of fiber optic line

As shown in the Google doodle, data is transmitted through a fiber optic cable as a kind of light signal, then transmitted at high speed, and eventually you come up with three strings and related data, here the numbers are in the form 0 and 1, out.


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