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‘I had a hard time’

I think there is no such thing as family.

The past year and a half has been very turbulent for Charlene of Monaco (44). But what she was really doing remained behind closed doors. Until now.

as such “ News 24I mentioned, said a woman from Prince Albert (64) In a rare interview with South African You magazine who has really supported her during this difficult time and what are the future plans for the mother of two.

what happened?

actually wanted to Princess Charlene to South Africa in March last year to fight rhino hunting. But only months later she returned briefly to the small principality of the French Cote d’Azur, and then to the next principality Luxury clinic in Switzerland visit. The reason: operations and complications resulting from inflammation of the ear, nose and throat. At least that’s the official explanation.

It was only in March that she was finally able to return to Monaco. Charlene has been back in public since May, defying breakup rumors between her and Albert, until she traded them public kisses go out with him.

There was Prince Albert and children

“I had a hard time,” the 44-year-old said in an interview. “But I was fortunate to have the support and love of my husband, my children and my family, from whom I draw all my strength.”

together Charlene has two children with her husband, Prince AlbertTwins: Princess Gabriella and Prince Jack (7).

‘Missing You, Mom’ reads the banners given by the children in November 2021


Another source of strength is God. The Monaco royal couple only had a private meeting with Pope Francis, 85, in July. A great honor for a princess, even if she was expecting it ‘White Privilege’ It was waived and thus fueled the discussions again.

“I am very religious and it was a great honor and privilege to meet him. Faith guided me through the difficult times of my life,” said the 44-year-old.

A great honor for the princess.  However, I have given up

A great honor for the princess. However, I waived the “privilege du blanc”.

Foto: picture alliance / abaca

She is feeling better now. She goes swimming regularly and can be found in the gym.

“My daily life revolves around the children”

Balancing work and children certainly isn’t easy for a princess. It is therefore important for Charlene to reconcile royal duties and offspring. It sets clear priorities.

My daily life revolves around my children. The two were very busy with activities such as sailing, courses on the marine environment and their first exposure to diving and sea rescue,” says the former professional swimmer.

Charlene has two children, Gabriella and Jack, with Prince Albert

Charlene has two children, Gabriella and Jack, with Prince Albert


It is important for her that siblings develop an awareness of the environment. As my mother herself does, for years she has not only fought for the animals on land, but for the animals in the seas as well.

And the next year is full again. After the long royal holiday, the hustle and bustle of Monaco is starting to reappear. “My year is full and organized. I dedicate myself entirely to my current and future personal projects, but also to the needs of my children,” reveals the princess. “And I will keep it that way for the near future.”

Seems like a good plan.


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