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CDU Election Report: Stable – Union manages economy

CDU Election Report: Stable – Union manages economy

The union’s election program is undergoing a surprisingly quick fact-finding test. On the day CDU leader Armin Laschet and CSU leader Marcus Soder presented the schedule for investments, relief and a balanced budget, the grand coalition budget for 2022 goes to the final voting round. On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet, led by CDU President Angela Merkel, is set to settle another 100 billion euros in additional debt. So the future promises of the CDU and the CSU and the reality of the government are unexpectedly in a different variation.

It does not apply to declaring relief and a balanced budget, while the new debt will require 100 100 billion. Contrary to the predictions of tax assessors and economists – the union is very serious about pretending to get enough money soon. The financial situation that the next government will see in the fall of 2021 will be completely different from 2017. At the time, only the much-loved Great Alliance won because of the 80 billion euro reserves, some say game money, held together by Glue, Union and SPD. The new ones this year start with a new loan of 240 billion euros, 130 billion euros from 2020 and 100 billion euros in the coming year. This not only makes coalition talks more difficult, but also makes governance more difficult.

To make matters worse, the new government will face a dangerous virus. According to the current coalition, the effects of the epidemic can only be mitigated by a massive budget. No one knows how many waves will come – it creates uncertainty. The next generation will find a constitutionally documented mandate to stop climate change in order to leave a living environment for future generations. The difficulty of this task can be lessened from the fact that GTR lignite had very effective contributions in reducing emissions due to the closure of power plants and outbreaks.

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Even more surprising is that the union’s election plan for 2021 is no different than it was four years ago. Some formulas, such as tax increases, are very vague. In 2017 it was written in stone: “We do not want any tax increase”. In 2021, the tax increase is the “wrong way to go”. In essence, the two formulas are identical. The CDU and CSU do not want to change the control screw upwards. They don’t want to hear contributions from those who deserve the best or from those with particularly strong shoulders in infections. However, it is intentional to reject it – a similarity with high-income earners, relief companies, and high net worth individuals who do not pay extra fees is exempt from inheritance and wealth taxes. In this way, the union not only confirms the difference between rich and poor – the government continues to complain about poverty and wealth. It also has a politically narrow view: by rejecting tax increases, it loses itself as the most important tool for shaping change.

On the one hand, the Union Wolfgang wants to carry Shobil’s black zero as a symbol, and on the other hand, ignores the fact that Shubel, when he was federal finance minister, wisely warned against holding his hands. Support yourself by deliberately avoiding tax increases. Instead of directing a complex structural change, one can only look at politics.

At a second glance, on the other hand, it seems almost logical that the union should preach a balanced budget, engage itself in the debt break and reject tax increases. Only in this way can it distance itself from the close political rivalry between the Greens and the Social Democrats – and, in a good tradition, attack their plans, including a wealth tax and other tax increases for strong shoulders. The union has recently become less focused on its own content and more focused on weakening its biggest political opponents. It has won several consecutive elections – and has benefited from previous Reckhard Schrder (SPD) reforms. The country, which needs reform, is now plagued with epidemics. No tax increase seems to be a business continuum and they should not be allowed to exist.

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