Home Sports C.J. Stroud challenges Aaron Rodgers record for lowest interception percentage in a season

C.J. Stroud challenges Aaron Rodgers record for lowest interception percentage in a season

C.J. Stroud challenges Aaron Rodgers record for lowest interception percentage in a season

Texans Rookie Quarterback C.J. Stroud Nearing NFL Record for Lowest Interception Percentage

In what can only be described as a remarkable debut season, Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud has been turning heads with his exceptional performance on the field. But it’s not just his impressive stats that have caught the attention of football fans; Stroud’s mistake-free football is inching closer to breaking an NFL record for the lowest interception percentage in a season.

Stroud has displayed incredible accuracy and decision-making skills throughout the season, throwing just one interception on 279 pass attempts. This translates to an interception percentage of 0.36 percent, placing him on the verge of breaking the current record held by Aaron Rodgers.

Back in 2018, Rodgers, widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, threw only two interceptions on 597 pass attempts. This gave him an interception percentage of 0.34 percent, which has remained unmatched for three seasons. However, Stroud’s performance this year has brought him dangerously close to surpassing this impressive feat.

But it doesn’t stop there. Stroud is also on track to shatter another record held by Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott. In his rookie year in 2016, Prescott threw four interceptions on 459 passes, resulting in an interception percentage of 0.87 percent. If Stroud continues on his current trajectory, he is poised to surpass Prescott’s record and further solidify his place in NFL history.

The Texans organization and fans alike are thrilled with the young quarterback’s achievements so far, with many already dubbing him a future star in the making. Stroud’s ability to make smart decisions under pressure and maintain a calm composure on the field has earned him widespread praise and admiration from teammates and opponents alike.

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As Stroud’s rookie season nears its conclusion, the football world eagerly awaits to see if he can indeed make history by surpassing both Rodgers and Prescott’s interceptions records. If he manages to achieve this incredible feat, it will undoubtedly solidify a place for Stroud among the elite quarterbacks of the game.

Bio Prep Watch will continue to follow Stroud’s journey closely, providing updates on his progress as he strives to etch his name into the record books. Stay tuned for more exciting news and developments surrounding this exceptional rookie quarterback.


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