Home Top News BVB loses: Playing in Freiburg is not easy

BVB loses: Playing in Freiburg is not easy

BVB loses: Playing in Freiburg is not easy

Game view: Vincenzo Griffo loves the balls quietly in front of him, and the Freiburg player is not always, but often circles the opposite goal. This is what happened six minutes later from a central position and with the help of the left inner post. What is the best start for a backward person? There is no such thing.

End of the game: SC Freiburg beat Borussia Dortmund 2-1 (1-0) and are now second in the Bundesliga with four points after two match days. Griffo (6th minute of the match) and Roland Salloi (53rd) met for the SC team. The only guest goal was scored by Freiburg resident Yannik Keitel (59th, own goal). You can read the summary of the game here.

First Half: We started after a minute of silence for Gert Mல்லller – one, no, perhaps the greatest German football has ever produced. Three more games will be played before the new SC Stadium in Brule County prepares for occupation after a structural delay in mid-October. PVP also started late: Jude Bellingham failed at Mark Flecken’s knee and then headed to the post of young Englishman. Jeong Woo-yong almost forgave at the end of the Freiburg counter-attack.

Second Half: Dortmund continued their excellent, but decent game. For exactly eight minutes. It was then broken again when the Freiburg team entered the opposing penalty area just minutes after they had won the ball in their own half, and Roland Salloy converted the title 2-0 thrown by Lucas Holler. Black and yellow hopes sprouted after Keatle’s own goal, but in the end Freiburg’s tense and defensive strength was enough.

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Problem area of ​​the game: How can such a bankruptcy be explained? “Because we make mistakes,” Dortmund’s Manuel Aganji said after the ski game – and stumbled at the start of the league against Frankfurt and was sometimes stifled against Bayer in the Supercup. Axel Witzel in particular could not cope with his new role in the central defense, which he often distracted during counterattacks.

Game changes: National players Mates Hummels, Emre Kane and Julian Brand have returned to the PVP squad, but none of them have made the starting eleven. As it got more and more dangerous, Hummels Witzel, Kane for Baslock and storm talent Yusofa McCook came up with the new signing for Tony Malone, who was vague in his first eleventh debut. These changes have not produced the expected effect in the short term, but it can be assumed that PVP will still benefit from its board quality in the coming weeks.

Knowledge of the game: “It’s hot, but the sports club needs you. Everybody!” The Freiburg Stadium announcer called into the microphone. In fact, many of the 10,000 viewers contributed to their SC to the astonishing home success. After such a decision, sports journalists want to shoot themselves at the leading clubs that are said to be unhealthy. Of course, you could say that BVB gave up three points. But already in February of this year, Christian Streich’s team won a home win against immovable Borussia. So you can put it differently: Playing in Freiburg is not easy.

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