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The British media regulator has rejected a complaint filed by Duchess Meghan (40) against well-known British journalist Piers Morgan (56).

As the presenter of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Morgan questioned Meghan’s allegations against the British royal family in her interview with US host Oprah Winfrey. Meghan had concerns about how Morgan’s comments could affect mental health and people with suicidal thoughts, according to ITV.

British presenter Piers Morgan is not at all good at Meghan (Photo: Image Alliance/dmg media licensing | Mark Big)
British presenter Piers Morgan is not at all good at Meghan (Photo: Image Alliance/dmg media licensing | Mark Big)

Ofcom decided on Wednesday that the broker’s comments were “likely harmful and offensive”. However, she emphasized: “But we also fully considered freedom of expression. Our rules allow broadcasters to contribute controversial opinions as part of a legitimate debate about the public interest.”

Ofcom added that the fact that other contributors to the show criticized Morgan’s comments also created the necessary context for viewers.

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“This is a crushing victory for freedom of expression and a crushing defeat for Princess Pinocchio,” Morgan stressed on Twitter.

The 56-year-old, one of the country’s most prominent TV journalists known for his vitriolic criticism of politicians and celebrities, broke in after a heated argument with a colleague about interviewing Meghan from a live broadcast. When he was supposed to apologize publicly, he quit.

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Ofcom has received tens of thousands of complaints about Morgan’s comments. In the interview, which aired in early March, Meghan spoke of suicidal thoughts during her time at the palace and raised allegations of racism against unnamed members of the royal family.

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