Blink Video Doorbell: New Video Doorbell Without Subscription

Blink Video Doorbell: New Video Doorbell Without Subscription

Although Amazon already has several video doorbells on display with its Ring subsidiary, the Blink brand, also owned by Amazon, is now launching its own smart doorbell.

The new Blink doorbell offers 1080p video resolution, two-way audio, and motion detection. Of course, the doorbell is also compatible with Amazon Alexa: if you wish, the Echo’s speakers will notify you about visitors at the front door. If you have the Echo Show, you can see directly on the screen of the smart speaker who rang the bell and use the speaker as an intercom if necessary.

Two AA batteries are used for the power source, alternatively you can also connect the buzzer to existing doorbell wiring (16-24 VAC).

The new video doorbell saves recordings even without a cloud subscription

If you want to save the videos recorded by the smart doorbell, you can book a Blink subscription for 3 € per month. Not interested in a monthly (additional) subscription? With optionally available 2 . flash sync unit* You can save recordings locally. In addition to the unit, which costs 35 euros, you only need a USB stick (supports up to 256 GB) – then the doorbell will save the videos locally.

The local storage capability makes the Blink Video Doorbell, which at first glance was not particularly interesting, in our view – after all, video doorbells from Ring do not offer this option and instead require a subscription to save videos, which have recently become more expensive (Ring security products: Cloud subscriptions are getting more expensive.)

Video doorbell prices and availability

Blink’s new video doorbell is now available for Available from Amazon for around 60€*.

Announcement / Last Updated 06/09/2022 11:11 PM / Affiliate Links * / Images: Amazon


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