Blanquer in Ibiza while announcing the back-to-school protocol, a protest in the political class

Sarah Messonnier via Reuters

Jean-Michel Blanquer, here leaving the Elysee in Paris, January 5, 2022.

Civic education – This new controversy will not help the work of Jean-Michel Blanquer. While he is currently being harassed in the assembly, denied by Emmanuel Macron or criticized from kindergarten to high school, notably for his management of the health crisis in schools, the Minister of National Education is now constrained by Mediapart On year-end vacation.

The investigation website reveals on Monday January 17 that Jean-Michel Blanquer only returned from vacation – which he spent in Ibiza in the Balearic archipelago of Spain – on Sunday January 2, the day before the start of the new year, despite the state of health. The situation and its consequences for school life.

This situation has always caused tensions within the government itself According to the information received from Mediapart.

This late return from vacation and this distance from the capital raises questions, when we know that the new health protocol in place in schools in the face of the spread of the Omicron variant was only revealed on Sunday, January 2, at 4:21 pm, In a paid article posted by Paris (Then I finally switched to the free version.) This announcement, which came at the last minute, a day before the start of the school year, made unions, politicians and teachers jump.

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“The Supreme Council for Public Health issued its opinion on Sunday (January 2) at 5 pm, the protocol was determined in the general framework and then rejected for schools,” the Ministry of National Education also justified the questioning of Agence France-Presse on Monday evening, to explain the short time between announcements and the start of the school year . We add: “If he (Jean-Michel Blanquer) was there, he wouldn’t have come out sooner.”

Once the doctrine was identified, the Secretariat worked on the Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions, Editor’s Note), all questions that arise about the new protocol. It took place every Sunday morning, with non-stop round trips, every time the Ministry of Health validated it, the Ministry determined that Mediapart.

“The minister is working, not because he was in the office he was going to change things up (…). The team was there and was in constant contact with us by working remotely,” complete with Mediapart The government of Jean-Michel Blanquer, who also assumes that the January 2 interview of Paris From the Balearic Islands by videoconference.

In fact, he gave a video interview, “Nothing unusual,” the Ministry of Education adds to AFP. The ministry indicated that the minister was “in a special place for four days off,” noting that ministers have the right to go on vacation “up to two hours by plane from Paris.”

I demanded a resignation more than ever

With these new discoveries and despite the justifications of the Rue du Grenelle, the politicians and teachers’ unions fell again on the minister, most of whom demanded his resignation, It can also be read in the tweets below.

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Jean-Michel Blanquer, with a long-term record in publication, and longevity, is facing a complex end to the five-year period against the backdrop of the Covid crisis, with an extraordinary strike on January 13 (77,500 demonstrators) to denounce “chaos” in schools.

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The Minister is now being reformulated, including by the President of the Republic. “I give you the point, it takes more anticipation and more time for universities to connect with schools upstream,” replied Emmanuel Macron, at Paris, to a teacher who asked him about the new health protocol announced a few hours before the start of the school year.

The reports of the Minister of Education and his health counterpart, Olivier Veran, have also been called into question. According to several media outlets, there was a tense exchange that opposed the two men on the sidelines of the Cabinet last week.

Last Friday, Jean-Michel Blanquer admitted he had made “mistakes” and was “not perfect”.

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