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HomescienceLandes vaccination centers are gradually closing

Landes vaccination centers are gradually closing

This is how the county and the regional health agency announced, Thursday, March 3, the gradual closure of the 12 vaccination centers in Landes. The infection rate remains high, but the Covid pandemic represents time in the Landes department. The infection rate remains high, at 985 infections per 100,000 population. But the reason is simple: the department was affected a month later by the Omicron variant. Thus, the infection rate is in the process of declining, but with a delay of one month in the rest of France.

At Landis Hospitals, the number of patients hospitalized with Covid has halved in one week. At the same time, the number of gatherings in nursing homes has been halved.

Gradual closure of vaccination centers

86% of Landis’ residents have already received two doses of the vaccine. 65% received all three doses. Before Christmas, vaccination centers in Landes carried out 20,000 injections a week, compared to just 1,200 at present.

Landes vaccination centers closing dates.

  • March 10, Capbreton and Saint Martin de Seignanx
  • March 12, Morsynx
  • March 13, Saint Sever and Aire sur l’Adour
  • March 17, Dax (Lanotte website)
  • March 19, Mimizan and Soustons
  • March 26, Biscaros
  • March 31, Tartas
  • On April 1, it will be the role of Mont-de-Marsan and Dax (Amelie Charrier website).

As of April 1, 12 vaccination centers in Landes will be closed. Of course, you can always get the vaccination at a pharmacy or from your doctor.

Novavax Vaccine Reaches DAX

Landis who is holding off on current vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) will be able to get a dose of Novavax. It is a vaccine without messenger RNA. It will be available from Saturday 5 March at the Dax Vaccination Center (Amélie Charrière website).

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