With his extraordinary musical demands for the Great Jafenfreach, President Angela Merkel (CDU) has apparently caught the Bundeswehr’s staff band on the wrong foot. “The requests came late and surprised me,” said Lt. Col. Reinhard Cuoca, conductor of “DOS”.

Excerpts from Nina Hagen’s You Forgot the Color Film “and Hildegard Nef’s” It’s raining red roses for me “are not in the band’s Ware Orchestra’s archive. Nina Hagen’s title was originally meant to be rearranged for a symphonic wind orchestra, Kyoka said.

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Guido Rennert, a clarinetist in the Bundeswehr’s band in Chicago, wrote a special arrangement in a very short time. Hildegard Knife in Sanson’s opening stages were excellent. “After all, the song was received from the publisher, but must first be ordered, printed and delivered, so I can not rehearse it until Monday,” Kyoka said.

The third part Merkel requested was the song “Great God, We Praise You” only “immediately available, I could say: yes, Corel was not even a problem with the short notice. It had to be done. Rehearsal and refreshment.”

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According to Kyoka, Merkel’s wish reached the Bundeswehr band on Tuesday last week. “We were there nine days ago. It’s a game,” the conductor said.

The goal is clear: “It’s going to be great on Thursday evening and we want the Chancellor to polish the music so he can really enjoy his preferences.”

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The big tattoo for Merkel will take place on Thursday at the Federal Ministry of Defense premises. Merkel is only the second woman to have a big girl in pantyhose Tattoo Is honored. When he stepped down as Union Defense Minister in August 2019, the first was Ursula van der Leyen. (AFP)


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