Home Top News Bethlehem’s Christmas economy suffers amidst Gaza war aftermath – Bio Prep Watch

Bethlehem’s Christmas economy suffers amidst Gaza war aftermath – Bio Prep Watch

Bethlehem’s Christmas economy suffers amidst Gaza war aftermath – Bio Prep Watch

Title: Bethlehem Struggles as Christmas Tourism Fades Amid Ongoing Israeli Raids and Gaza Assault

Bethlehem, the historic birthplace of Christ, is experiencing a significant blow to its annual Christmas festivities due to the continuing assault on the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, coupled with economic hardships. The vibrant streets and courtyards usually filled with cheerful celebrations are now eerily empty, as roads leading to the city have been sealed off by Israeli forces.

In a show of solidarity with Gaza, churches across Palestine have decided to cancel all Christmas celebrations, limiting activities to services and prayers. This move not only highlights the dire situation in Gaza but also affects the local tourism industry, which had just begun to recover last year after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic.

According to the Palestinian Ministry for Tourism and Culture, Bethlehem typically welcomes up to 1.5 million tourists annually. However, the cancellation of Christmas festivities has dealt a heavy blow to the tourism sector, resulting in projected losses of $200 million this year alone. This downturn has had a devastating impact on local businesses, especially the traditional crafts shops that are a staple in Bethlehem.

Jack Issa Juqman, a wooden statue and carving craftsman, has seen his business decline significantly, forcing him to lay off nine employees. He is not alone in his struggle, as many other local businesses are also feeling the effects of the ongoing conflict and economic decline.

The situation in Bethlehem reflects the larger issue at hand; thousands of Palestinians have been killed, arrested, or displaced as a result of Israeli raids and violence, both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The cancellation of Christmas celebrations serves as a poignant message to the world, demonstrating the suffering of the Palestinian people and the urgent need for justice and a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Religious leaders in Bethlehem, such as Pastor Munther Isaac and Parish Priest Issa Thaljieh, have been vocal about the necessity for solidarity with Gaza and the urgent need for a ceasefire. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem has even symbolically placed the Baby Jesus in a manger of rubble and destruction to depict the painful reality faced by many Palestinians.

As Bethlehem remains besieged and its people struggle without work or hope, the impact of the disruption in tourism has become glaringly apparent. The cancellation of Christmas festivities has not only affected the local economy but has also sent a clear message to the world that the Palestinian people are suffering and that justice and a resolution to the conflict in Gaza are desperately needed.


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