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Behind the facial treatments

Behind the facial treatments

Benefiting from the unprecedented proximity of five teams of researchers, Catherine Gill has followed scientists in their race against Covid for a year. A portrait of a tribute to those you consider to be the “superheroes of our time”. Meets.

Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm … the names of manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines are now equal to the number or less of the listed brands. In the documentary Covid-19, the vaccine race Broadcast by Artie, British filmmaker and former virologist Catherine Gill puts the faces of the researchers behind the names of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies associated with these treatments. For a year, I followed, from their lab to their living room, five international teams of scientists determined to be the first to cross the finish line. By rigorously showcasing candidate vaccine development from the ground up but also by humanizing the process, Catherine Gill wanted Changing the picture of vaccines. Interview.

Under what circumstances did you embark on a project of this scale?
Before the Pandemic, Producer and Director Janet Tobias, Behind the Documentary Invisible Enemy (“invisible enemy”) Dedicated to past and future epidemics, I already had plans to collaborate. At the beginning of 2020, Janet and the other producers of our film [principalement la BBC et CNN, ndlr] We understand that something bad is happening in China. For my part, while cases of Covid-19 have exploded in Iran, in Italy…I realize the importance of covering this topic very early on and send a summary in the aftermath. Filming will begin in April and will last for a year. To my knowledge, to date, no other film has been able to follow so many international teams of researchers in real time, in close collaboration with them.

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