Before the “Kobe” eviction in Berlin

Relatively quiet night, police with technical teams and evacuation tanks on site

Berlin police evacuation tanks move in the early hours of October 15, 2021 in Melkiorstrass, near the left alternative site trailer camp. "Copy-Platz" In Berlin.  (Source: rbb | 24 / Nils Hagemann)

rbb | 24 / Nils Hagemann

Audio: Inforadio | 10/15/2021 | David Tansen | Image: rbb | 24 / Nils Hagemann

The left-wing autonomous “Kobe” car camp next to a house in Berlin-Mitte has been vacated since the early 1990s. A large police force and heavy technology is to be used. The left view wants to defend itself.

The left-wing autonomous car camp “Kobe” in Berlin-Mitte is set to be evacuated by a large police force on Friday. Technical teams and police evacuation tanks have already been rolled out. Residents of the site have declared opposition.

According to police, it was relatively quiet Friday night before the operation. A police spokesman said Friday morning that some cars had caught fire in the area around Copenhagen Strauss. He put this at four to five in the initial balance sheet. In Grosberg, strangers smashed Ritterstrass’ car windows and threw paint bags at homes. According to police, three scooters were set on fire in the Lifestras area. There were also some burning rubble containers.

About 100 supporters of “Kobe” arrived at three rallies registered in the area surrounded by police from 5am on Friday. According to Rbb reporters, “Kobe” supporters climbed trees in the Wagenberg area and chained themselves. Loudspeaker announcements from the camp area indicate that the removal of the shield may endanger the lives of these people. Observers say this could cause security ropes to break and trees to fall.

Residents and supporters called for disturbances in the “red zone” on Thursday. About 500 participants protested Thursday evening for the maintenance of the left-wing alternative camp. A spokesman said a policeman threw the bottle and was slightly injured. In addition, pyrotechnics and smoke pots were ignited on the demonstration train. The demo ended at the intersection of Bethany and Copenhagen Strauss, where bars and a police van blocked the way to the “red zone”.

In the early hours of October 15, 2021, police officers stand in front of the left alternative site trailer camp at Copenhagen Strauss "Copy-Platz" In Berlin.  (Source: rbb | 24 / Nils Hagemann)Police cordoned off the premises in Copenhagen Strauss.

Disputes with residents are expected

"Copy-Platz" On October 15, 2021 at the left alternative site trailer camp in Copenhagen Strait stands in large letters in front of the meter-high metal fences.  (Source: rbb / sundermeyer)
Köpi-Platz One meter high sheet is written in large letters in front of the metal fence. | Image: rbb / Sundarmeyer

Over the past few days, residents have secured an additional 2,600 square meters of space with a four-meter-high fence and barbed wire fence. One will not give up without a fight, it was said last week.

The back of the Kobe building will not be removed

Broadcast: Inforadio, October 15, 2021, 6:00 p.m.

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