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Melittin from bee venom as a potential anti-cancer agent

Bee venom It has been used for centuries Anti-inflammatory treatment applied. The effect is largely on the main component Melitene attributed. Now a German research team has discovered that the venom of an ancient species of wild bee is particularly suitable for medicinal purposes.

working group of Senckenberg Research Institute as well as des LOEWE Center for Translational Biodiversity Genomics I discovered that Bee venom from wild bees Contains more original variants of the active ingredient melittin. These native variants have great potential as an active ingredient against crepes And the ignition. The research results were recently published in the journal “toxins” Foot.

Bee venom is a traditional remedy

that Bee venom It’s like Traditional medicine Famous. Among other things, Venom becomes a analgesic effect; awarded. For example, should Skin problems Such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. The effect is due to the main component melittin. This is the peptide of 26 amino acids.

Melittin can also damage healthy cells

In the case of inflammation, melittin is said to be about a hundred times more effective than cortisone. The active ingredient bee venom has one Potential anticancer activity of cells. However, the effectiveness of melittin is also very strong Damage to healthy cells Which makes the application more difficult.

Also, some people respond Severe allergic reactions On bee venom, which can reach life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

Wild bee venoms have not been studied yet

As the researchers emphasized, the venom of wild bees has not yet been studied. The team has now detected an indigenous and milder form of melittin in older wild bees. This variant appears to be better suited for pharmacological purposes.

Melitin has become stronger over the course of evolution

“The idea from our comparative analyses was that melittin only became highly toxic during evolution and that older wild bees might produce more melittin species native to venom that are easier to use pharmacologically.”sums up the co-author and toxicology expert Dr. Bjorn M von Reumont together.

Purple bee venom is effective against cancer cells

As part of the study, the scientists compared different melittin variants. Some came from bee honey, and others were first discovered in the venom of wild bees.

“The focus of this research has been different modes of action on inflammation and cancer.”added Prof. Dr. Robert Forrest from the working group. cm Violet carpenter bee. Laboratory analyzes indicate a promising effect breast cancer cells little.

Violet carpenter bees are common in Germany

Purple carpenter bees (Xylocopa violacea) build their nest in wood. It is especially widespread in the Mediterranean region and Asia. It also occurs in the warmer regions of Germany. Because of the high average temperature, this type of wild bee is spreading continuously in this country.

High potential for pharmaceutical applications

Because the newly discovered purple carpenter peptides show less aggressive activity, they have Potential potential for future pharmaceutical applicationsThe research team concludes. When used, additional inhibitors that reduce potent toxicity can be dispensed with. (FP)

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