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Dirty Alarm in “Because They Don’t Know What Happens”…

The first game from RTL turned out to be a sharp template for many vague comments on Saturday night. And then, in the middle of the live show, a world premiere was also announced.

While Gunther Gautsch (65) was supervising this time around, Barbara Schönberger (48) and Thomas Gottschalk (72) competed together as a team. Her opponents: pop star Alvaro Soler (31) and “Fernsehgarten” presenter Andrea Kewell (57). The match was played for 20 thousand euros for its own group of spectators.

Match number one was called “Blowing the Can” and it didn’t just make the crowd laugh. After encouraging their play partners, Gottschalk and Soler must blow water from watering cans into a pot. The ladies’ task was to collect water in a vase. The winner is the one who shows the measurement column the most after 2 minutes.

After Gautch explained the rules, he grinned: “Or as we might say on RTL ZWEI: ‘Blow and splatter.'” Meanwhile, Schönberger swore: ‘My blouse is opaque when it gets wet.’ I noticed that. And because one of the pots was shaped like an elephant, she joked, ‘It doesn’t mean animal rights activists communicate immediately when they see Thomas blow on the elephant’s back. “

When he blew what his lungs would give him, the blonde couldn’t stop laughing. Barbara with a shot of eroticism in her voice: “Oh my gosh! Crazy! I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Alvaro Soler also did his best. Keville was surprised: “What a beam.” In the end, the musician managed almost a pint more than Gottschalk, at which point Gauch quipped: “As a singer, he has better lungs than gossip here.” Point went to Kiewel and Soller.

But there was no time to take a break after that. Game Director Thorsten Schorn, 46, announced the next guest. RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig (58 years old) had a surprise in store for TV viewers. On the upcoming Sunday night show, Jauch, Schöneberger and Gottschalk will appear as a band for the first time. The name of the trio has already been determined: “Thommi und Babsi feat. Gunny on wood.” The three perform the song “Above the Clouds”. Jauch will even play the recorder during the performance. He got his instrument on the show, but exclaimed, “It’s the cheapest plastic flute I’ve ever seen! So I’ll be artistically active tomorrow.”

In the grand finale it became slippery again. At this point the ratio was four to five for Soler and Kewell. Barbara and Alvaro hung in the wall. Your competitors had to answer the questions. With each wrong answer, a block in the wall rushes forward. Before she started, Gottschalk was concerned about Schöneberger’s pants.

He said the pants were too impractical for the final. “Are you able to straighten your legs properly?” The TV star asked his co-star, “It doesn’t mean that your clothes are holding you back.” Barbara can only laugh about it. “The pants never stopped me — in anything,” she replied. Once I was really up to speed…” In fact, everything ran smoothly for the Dream Team. As Alvaro was the first to fall off the wall, Gottschalk and Schönberger cashed in €20,000 for their spectator’s block.


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