Our tip for this summer.

The hot weather is already here and we are trying to adapt to it as much as possible by adopting the right advice. For those on a diet or just looking for an idea to lose weight faster, we’ll be discussing an important question: does the combination high heat and weight loss work? Why is it appropriate to ask this question? First, we often hear that a heat wave suppresses appetite and that sweating makes you lose weight. But what really happens to our body and our organism when the thermometer explodes outside, we will find out together in the following lines. Plus all the tips and tricks on how to strategically exploit the effect of heat on our bodies from one perspective: weight loss.

Sweating helps the body cool off in a heat wave

Women sweat while exercising

High temperatures disturb our body, because it must maintain a temperature of 37 degrees. Here are two main points regarding potential weight loss and our advice on the right diet to follow:

Suppressor of heat wave and appetite

When outside temperatures are high, our bodies tend to expend less energy to maintain a normal body temperature. As energy needs decrease, the feeling of hunger decreases. So you can take advantage of this time to lose a few pounds provided you follow the advice to follow a good diet in the event of a heat wave and do not miss meals.

When it is very hot, eat light dishes, preferably uncooked

How to lose weight when spicy fruits and vegetables women flat stomach

Overheating and losing weight by sweating?

Most weight loss tips tell us to shed a sweat. We have all heard that the sauna makes you lose weight. The truth is that sweating does not cause a loss of calories, but a loss of water in the body. Which is good for detoxing but does not lead to fat loss. On the other hand, if you add physical activity, that’s it. However, be careful during hot weather, exercise in the morning or in the evening. People with heart problems or other health concerns should avoid heavy physical exertion. For others, try jumping rope at home, it’s easy and perfect for burning fat.

When we sweat a lot, we lose water and toxins, and suddenly our body shrinks

Women sweat to lose weight

Food for adoption in the case of high temperature

Heat is known to reduce appetite, which in itself facilitates weight loss, provided you follow the right diet advice in the event of a heat wave. We give you a quick reminder of nutritional recommendations. It is imperative to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in water such as: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, melons, and peaches. Avoid red meat, cheese and processed foods. All this is important, because it is necessary to regulate body temperature and hydrate it with food. Heavy fatty foods overload, slow down your metabolism and make you fat. So if you’re not hungry, run it often and in small amounts. Get sugar and soft drinks off your list, choose sorbet over ice cream. If you do not eat meat, keep in mind that your body needs protein, so you should add a little rice or pasta to your menus.

Remember to hydrate yourself well during hot weather, lemon water is a natural fat burner

Heat wave and weight loss Two cups of water with lemon and cucumber

Drinks during a heat wave

Everyone knows that you have to stay well hydrated in the event of a heat wave. With a small note that it should not be overused, because the body will go into shock. The recommended dose is at least 2 liters per day. You can also add mint, cucumber, lemon, or ginger to the water to please your taste buds. Alcohol is not recommended as it dehydrates the body.

Yogurt, fruits and vegetables rich in water are recommended when the outside temperature is 40 degrees

Lose weight, warm up a plate of fruits and vegetables

Running when it’s hot to lose weight: fact or trick?

Running or even running is a fat burner par excellence, so if you go out for exercise when it’s really hot, you’ll definitely sweat more. But this extra sweat will not make you burn more calories but it will lead to a loss of water and minerals. Obviously, if you run regularly, it will speed up weight loss combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

If you go jogging during a heat wave, preferably in the morning, cover your head with a cap and moisturize yourself well.

Running is the perfect calorie-burning cardio activity

Running when it's hot to lose weight Woman running in the park

Hot weather won’t do miracles if you want to lose weight fast without doing anything else. On the other hand, you can use the fact that you will be less hungry to eat fewer calories and do regular physical activity at the same time. The right diet will help you be more active and sweat to get rid of toxins.

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Perfect Peach Syrup for Strong Thermogenics and Weight Loss

In the event of a heat wave, eat orange-peach-flavored ice cream


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