Beatrice Egli: According to rumors, she's making the relationship official

Beatrice Egli: According to rumors – she is now posting her relationship status

04/27/2022 at 8:19 pm

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Since winning the DSDS in 2013 Beatrice Egli famous star. She is very friendly with her fans, especially on Instagram.

However, she does not reveal much about her private life. Above all, the singer always left one question unanswered, which is what about her relationship status. She expresses herself on her Instagram channel Beatrice Egli Now unequivocally about her love life.

Beatrice Egli: Does she have a new girlfriend? The picture speaks volumes

Beatrice Egli and the Guys – It’s a topic that has made the rumor mill float past. She has already been suspected of having an affair with her famous co-stars Ben Zucker, Florian Silberisen or Andreas Gaballier. Now the singer has published a selfie with an expressive description of the photo.


This is the superstar Beatrice Egli:


Beatrice Egli wrote for the photo “Relationship Status: Self-Love”. So the rumors about a secret friend should be off the table for now.

“It Doesn’t Matter” translator Beatrice Egli reaches her fans with an important message

The topic of self-love for Beatrice Egli seems to remain a matter of heart. She also spoke in her new song “Ganz Egal” about her connection to her body and thus many of her fans are from the soul, as the comments appear under her pictures.

  • “The only case you need”
  • “There is nothing more important”
  • “I agree with you, it is also the state of my relationship”
  • “Exactly right”
  • ‘Definitely keep it up’


More on Beatrice Egli:


Beatrice Egli seems to be very happy at the moment, even without a partner.

It must look very different right now with fellow pop singer and presenter Stefan Murs’ “Always Again”. He just had a visit from a thief. You can find out how he reacted to the situation here.

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