Back chairs in the management of LGT Switzerland

There are several personnel changes in the Swiss management of the Liechtenstein Fürstenbank LGT. A former Credit Suisse banker also joins the board.

LGT Bank Liechtenstein is adapting its structures in Switzerland and reorganizing its management team. Head of International Private Banking, Remy De Bruyne, He resigns from the committee. The bank announced on Tuesday that it will be available to the bank in an advisory capacity from mid-2022 I communicated with.

Also Head of Private Banking in Europe, Florian Dorselin He will step down from management, submit to the supervisory authorities in Liechtenstein, and join the management of the parent company, i.e. LGT Bank, as head of private banking.

Veteran and Senior Banker

In Switzerland, as of Q2 2022 Bruno Beller Take over overall responsibility for private banking services. He has worked for LGT Bank Switzerland since its founding in 2004.

In addition, a senior banker joins the management of the Swiss bank of the Princely House of Liechtenstein. board of directors act Anna de Ver He has been appointed to management as Head of Risk Office, it is reported. De Beer is no stranger to banking. Prior to joining LGT about two years ago, she worked for the major Swiss bank Credit Suisse in compliance and risk management for more than twelve years.

In addition to de Beller, the management team at LGT Switzerland Heinrich Henkel as CEO and Wolfgang costume Chief Operations Officer (COO) a.

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