Karel MLS and Pavel Blazek of Hirodek Grove University will help us explain everything. So can your robot greet and shake hands? But in today’s scenario I know it is outdated.
Now, of course, it is forbidden.

Eng.  Karel M.L.S., Ph.D.  And Eng.  Powell Blazek, Ph.D.  In the studio of Czech Radio Hrotech Kralo

But otherwise does he manage it?
He can do such things, yes. He is social, which is why I think we will create him in a way that he represents us. We wanted to send it to us today instead, but it was just as cool, the problem with the incandescent lights. He will not finish.

It is about 164 cm high and weighs about 50 kg. Anyone who has seen a robot movie I know is familiar with FIM Boat.

Eng. Karel M.L.S., Ph.D. And Eng. Pavel Blazek, Ph.D., Faculty of Information and Management, Hrotek Grolov University

Let’s introduce him a little. He’s a little human, his name is FIM Pat, isn’t he?
That’s how it is. It arose spontaneously, and he received it a little after the teacher. Faculty of Information and Management, FIM Pat. FIM can be said to be the first name and Pat the last name.

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If we were to describe it, how big is it and how much does it weigh?
Its height is about 164 cm. Hence such a medium size. And they weigh about 50 kilograms. Anyone who has seen a robot movie I know will know this is based on this form. The creator took the face in this sense with care.

Why did you even start this with your teachers?
We have good students. They came up with it because they had the opportunity to design their own final dissertation topics. And a student came up with the idea that he would start building such a robot. After all, an international competition is currently being announced. It started, the student has already successfully completed school, but the program continues. We now have several programs that address some of the sub-components of the system.

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Avatar robot born under the hands of FIM Pat Hrotek Kralov scientists

Since you are not motivated, the competition is about 10 million US dollars?
You could say that this is a specific motivation for the first student to bring it up. But there was more about trying to engage in such a global challenge. Initially, there were 77 teams around the world, and there were many more. We are already shortlisted.

Is the FIM bot an autonomous or non-autonomous robot?
So it is humane because it resembles man. Now a graduate is manipulating an artificial head that can even express emotions.

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And is it autonomous and autonomous?
Of course, the autonomy of our robot is suppressed in a way. An incarnation of our robot. This means that the competition wants the incarnation to be controlled remotely, and it can be up to 10 meters or 10,000 km. You can control the robot and protect the robot. But what is the work of the right of autonomy, he must deal with certain things in his own place.

I would like to know more about how you saw it when a student came to you with the idea that you can create a robot. Have you ever built a robot like this?
Of course it’s not that big. Powell is more into toy cars, I’m into audio and more. But of course we were a little surprised. But in college, you have to be prepared for different situations and not be taken completely by surprise. So we will agree to it and give it a try. Even though we are a computer science and computer science faculty it is not about computers, algorithms, programming and so on. But this is hardware. We are used as informants, but it should not only be used within information systems, but also with artificial intelligence and more.

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Avatar robot born under the hands of FIM Pat Hrotek Kralov scientists

What is the biggest technical problem you have to solve? Because it must be a bad component that the robot is made and assembled. Does everything have to be original?
Sure, something has to come, but there are a lot of solutions and sites these days. There is a huge offer, so making a robot like this at home is not much of an issue for anyone. This only takes a lot of time. A 3D printer and a little money and then everything goes.

What future does your FIM bot have in front of you?
So it’s not just competition, of course. We try to accomplish the job, but we also realize its potential for students ’creative activities, for example, being able to go through various projects and solve artificial intelligence. Now FIMCA is opening up data science, so it can be used in this field as well, because a lot of information and data can be processed from the robot. The robot can fill itself with a lot of sensors, so it can represent a person in different situations, in different places.

Can we be more definite? So, can robot humans enter dangerous places?
Yes, like I said, he could be here to replace us. A similar robot could help in hospitals with staff shortages. This may be in some dangerous areas, for example in a chemical accident and other complex situations. Or it may help in social services, many people today suffer from loneliness and lack social contact. So, unlike Film Terminators, it’s a pleasant assistant and companion, a social interaction robot.

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This will decide who will be the finalists who can already start sharing the incentive. The finalists of such a competition are really the best.

Eng. Karel M.L.S., Ph.D. And Eng. Pavel Blazek, Ph.D., Faculty of Information and Management, Hrotek Grolov University

A robot with a good soul and a good heart.
Today, so-called chat robots are used, which means you call a place and you are answered according to what he says because he understands the meaning of your words. Basically, the chat robot is not an issue of any kind of autonomy and interaction.

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So when do we know how you finished the match? Are you the only team in the Czech Republic to make the short list of 77 teams from around the world with a robot?
We are actually only in the Czech Republic because we have such original students. As we plan to finish it more or less this year, so will the technology. Sometimes during the holidays, we need to know the opinion of the selection committee, which determines which teams will advance to the semifinals. So we hope the conditions do not fully stabilize us. We want to go somewhere with our FIM bot for testing. We were planning America, but so far it has been a lottery.

Decide what to do next?
There, as we mentioned the motivation amount, it will theoretically be decided on the finalists who can start sharing that amount. The finalists of such a competition are actually the best in the field.

Eng.  Karel M.L.S., Ph.D.  And Eng.  Powell Blazek, Ph.D.  In the studio of Czech Radio Hrotech Kralo

Karel MLS and Pavel Blazek from the Faculty of Information and Management at Hrotech Kralov University were our guests today. Thanks for visiting, say hello to FIM Bot and hope you will take him with you next time. Thanks ladies, pi.
Goodbye, thanks for the call.


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