Australia: YouTube blocks TV presenter's channel due to misinformation about Covid

Australia Fights against the delta variable. Millions of people have been locked down for weeks, but the virus situation remains under control. And on the fifth continent, too, there is a growing problem of misinformation when it comes to Covid-19. In a wonderful move I did Youtube Now Sky News Australia has blocked the TV channel.

The reason given by the video platform is that the channel has repeatedly violated the guidelines against false medical information. As reported by the Guardian, among other thingsThe presence of Covid-19 in the videos has been questioned.

In addition, viewers were advised to take money whose usefulness could at least be doubted. It was also related to the agent hydroxychloroquine, which has significant side effects and low efficacy against the virus.

Sky News Australia’s YouTube channel has around 1.85 million subscribers. Initially, the ban is valid for one week. If a channel is blocked three times within 90 days, the ban becomes permanent. Sky News described the act as an “attack on freedom of thought”.

YouTube did not disclose which videos were specifically denounced. However, the lockdown came a day after another media controversy. It was about commentator Alan Jones. He had criticized the lockdown measures on Sky News TV and described the NSW health chief as a “village fool”.

Also Brisbane is in strict lockdown

Australia has long been able to contain the pandemic largely by closing its borders, quickly imposing lockdowns in the event of an outbreak and extensive contact tracing. However, only about 13 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and the number of infections is increasing for a month due to the highly contagious delta variant.

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With Sydney The country’s largest city has been on lockdown for weeks. However, restrictions so far have not slowed the spread of the virus there. The police now want to crack down on people who don’t adhere to the curfew. Brisbane has also been in tight lockdown since the weekend.


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