Men’s high jump is the ultimate uniqueness in the athlete’s long Olympic history. Not because of a world record, but because the Italian Gianmarco Tampere and Mudas Essa Parshim from Qatar are creating an extraordinary game moment. Now we are Olympic champions together.

In fact, the rules in high jump are clear. A jump-off is required if there are two athletes who not only crossed the same height but also produced the same number of failed attempts. Since there are not two winners in athletics, the requirements of the World Association provide for one winner. This is what happened in the final of the Tokyo Olympics. Gianmarco Tamberi and Mudas Essa Parshim of Italy, both from Qatar, qualified for all heights within the 2.37-meter lock, then lost three times at 2.39 meters. With an agreement they confirmed a first scene in the long Olympic history of high jump.

A short video section shows them talking to the referee, who wants to explain how to make the jump-off. Parshim asks if the “two gold medals” are imaginary, the officer thinks for a moment, and then replies “it is possible”. Parshi and Tampere looked at each other, seemingly communicating without words. “If you decide to do it …”, the referee introduces, but the decision was taken for a long time. “That’s history,” says Parshim, while Tampery stretches the deal. The two high jumpers who will become two Olympic champions at the time hug each other.

This is a great moment in the history of the Olympics, hosted by Irish journalist Kawan Reilly on Twitter as “the true essence of the sport”. As the rules dictate, there is criticism that both athletes must go beyond a single winner. But Tampery explained why he would “not share my medal with anyone else”, but he did with Parsim: “Muttas enjoyed it just as much as I did,” he said after the match, both of whom suffered serious ankle injuries in recent years: “It was a magical night.”

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“No one has decided,” Parshim insisted in interviews after the deal. Even more so “sharing gold with Marco is a great feeling”. The rivals reaffirmed their friendship that had grown over time despite numerous rivalries with each other. Tamberi not only saved from his injury, but also celebrated with an actor that he was taken to the stage with him. Written as “Road to Tokyo”, “2020” has passed, including a “2021”. The path to a moment where the history of the game is written.

When Tampery falls to the ground in despair, he screams his joy at the deserted Olympic Stadium. The Italian, who was frequently agitated by his unusual beard – half of his face that no one else did – caused a stir like the indoor world champion and the outdoor European champion due to injury, with the Italian never rising to the Olympic final since this Sunday. Parshim won bronze in London in 2012, then silver in Rio in 2016, and are now both Olympic champions. “It’s a dream come true,” he later explains, and Tampery talks about a dream. Both can now be accomplished together in a significant and unusual way.


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