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DFB Individual Review Team: Timo Werner’s brazen desperation

DFB Individual Review Team: Timo Werner’s brazen desperation

There are people who like to nag a lot. In particular, many of them have crawled out of the caves of anger in recent years when it comes to the German national football team. While it was fairly quiet in September in the first cycle under Hansi Flick, the early critics are already creeping in again. Your accusation: The match against Romania in the World Cup qualifiers was not really good. You can see it this way. But you don’t have to. Because (a) Romania was the first stronger opponent of the new era under Hansi Flick and (b) the DFB team showed things they had long missed. After an early incapacitation by Iannis Haage (9), Germany resisted with the greatest intensity and the greatest passion. And also with a high risk. The team created so much pressure that the Roman protective wall broke at some point. Serge Gnabry (52nd) and substitute Thomas Muller (81st) managed to avoid the first defeat of the new national coach. His record continues to be an excellent read: four games, 14:1 goal – and he almost qualified for Qatar. Each person must decide for himself whether he should be happy about it. We choose the individual review.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen: Things are not going well at FC Barcelona for the goalkeeper these weeks. Where it should be more accurate. Without the goalkeeper, things would have been much worse in Barcelona. The team is in bad shape. And thus in a terrible crisis. It’s good that Ter Stegen is playing again in a team that has been so angry and successful lately. Probably the best player in the world was allowed to play because Manuel Neuer committed confidant. The stupid thing for him is that for Germany he rarely picks up games in which he can excel. This was the case again. Early 0-1 was weak. Mistakes happened to his foremen. What Ter Stegen always does well: he chooses a quick and brave building game. He sometimes plays long, flat passes. This is somewhat unusual. But it brings with it the good switching moments.

Jonas Hoffmann: The situation for the attacking player from Borussia Monchengladbach is a bit strange. With the best he can do, he can’t score for Germany. Because the competition in the front rows is very big and very strong. But the 29-year-old can still be significant. Because he’s a polyvalent man, watch out. Means: Can play in many situations and adapt quickly. It is currently doing so in the rear right position. This is one of the two most important German construction sites. The other is the central striker (more on that later). Hoffman does his job well. However, he is also like this: he is hardly challenged as a defender against the somewhat weak opponents to the somewhat strong. He was brave in attacking the Romans, had a lot of good runs but not a lot of good crosses. In a defensive position he did not do well twice on the counter-attacks by the Romans and was overtaken. Could it really be the solution? From the 85th minute Lucas Klostermann: He came and was supposed to help score the score. It worked, but without much work. He has now played for the German national team for the 14th time.

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Niklas Soleil: Many wild stories are told about the Munich dweller these days. The Giant is in really good shape these days. At Bayern he is the most consistent and best defender. This wasn’t the case for long. Also because his physical condition did not allow it. But instead of talking about this good to the very good Süle, they’d rather talk about how things stand for his future. Rumors about his desire to leave Bayern Munich cannot be discussed. At the same time, a possible change from Antonio Rudiger to the record champion was discussed. The current state of the whole theater: anything is possible, and nothing must be done. In the national team, the two champions now play side by side. And recently he has done well in combination. That wasn’t cool against the Romans. But this was less because of Süle. He continued to participate in reinforcements; According to the club’s coach Julian Nagelsmann, he has a “dozen” gene. And in his primary domain of “arranging,” he performed tasks with ease. It cannot be defeated on the ground or in the air. His most memorable moment was in a duel with George Puskas (48th place).

Antonio Rudiger: Well, the defense chief got off to a terrible start in the game. At 0:1 he was too passive in the duel with Hagee, then left himself in a tunnel and had to be found because he pretty much caused that target. But Rüdiger is kind of a mentalist. He did not let himself down, but rather entered the game firmly. His problem is that he can easily be overwhelmed when he wants to do something good. By standards he tried to correct his mistake. The attempts were more like the Brechtstenge model. His duels seemed a bit wild at times. But it turned out well. In the end he made a slight foul that forced Kehrer to give him a yellow card.

Thelo Kehrer: The man from Paris Saint-Germain was the biggest winner of the first session under Flick. Since it is of the polyvalent type (really bad description), it is considered as a solution to many problems. He currently plays on the left side of defence. Robin Gosens is usually based there. He was seriously injured, but at least he could look forward to his first offspring. Kehrer and Gosens are two different species. While the man from Paris is the defensive alternative, the currently injured one is leading the match with unbridled desire. Stupid Kehrer: Of all things, what he could do best didn’t always work out well against Hagee. At 0-1 he played a key role in the handicap alongside Rudiger. Otherwise, he always had problems with the son of the Roman legend George Hagee. I couldn’t be of any help to the German team, that was a shame for Leroy Sane.

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Joshua Kimmish: The substitute captain had to be beaten. The Romans had always been tough on the main player, sometimes praying too late, which was painful for Kimish many times. But for what it is, he didn’t let himself get nervous. The Bayern Munich player led the match powerfully, cleverly distributed the balls time and time again and always remained steady on the ball under the pressure of attacks. Wing, games like this give the answers. This is impressive. However, like the entire team, he had some problems with focus, in other words with accuracy. But the bottom line, he found the game to be “really cool.”

Leon GoretzkaGermany’s most powerful footballer at the moment was not often seen at first. As obvious as a species, it is beginning to appear inconspicuous. You don’t already know it from him. Because it is in fact always present. When he was back, he came a little late as the last savior. Interpreting it as an error would be a mistake. Because others have disobeyed. The longer the match goes on, the more focus will be on Munich. With the depths create danger and space over and over again. His dynamism is one of Germany’s strengths. Participate in both goals. 1-1 through Gnabry started with a clever pass in the middle to Marco Reus, who finally relegated to the goal. In the winning goal, he hit a corner kick on the long post, as Muller Mullerch offside.

Serge Gnabry: Well, what else can you say about this guy. In the German offensive, where there are so many good options, he is the best. If the man is really good at hiding a lack of an attacking position, it’s the 26-year-old. In his thirtieth international match, he scored his twentieth goal. This rate is great. His graduation was also remarkable: resolute, quick and meticulous. If the German offensive match will always succeed in this way, then the matter with the missing striker will be absolutely irrelevant. But this is not what it is. Gnabry didn’t manage everything perfectly that evening, as did the goalie. Sometimes he struggled to sit up, sometimes with his head and sometimes go alone. It was only rewarded once.

Marco Reus: Age is not a category a national coach thinks about. Flick thinks in terms of quality and form. Reus has both. However, it was a bit of a surprise that the Dortmund player was allowed to act as a playmaker and Muller was only seated on the bench. Reus did a good job. He always wins with his joy of playing. I had good moments piling up, but bad luck with my closing campaigns. He missed a huge opportunity to take the initiative midway through the second half when he hit the ball over the goal from close range. You can forgive him for that, he set the scales back after all. AP 67. Kai Havertz Minute: Attracted to the center of the storm. It is also sought with high wings. New version in the German game. It had good views but not great. He was stopped once on his way to driving (76). It helps the German attack, but it’s not (yet) the solution to the storm problem, even if he wanted to. He has already announced the role for himself.

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Leroy Sane: His story was wonderful. After a poor European Championship and a very poor start to the season, his fans in Munich whistled. Sane looked dashing, he didn’t want to succeed anymore. But then we went to the national team in September. And by clicking on it Flick. Sani plowed and fought. He not only fought for every ball, but also for good deeds. they followed. Increasingly. In Bayern he played the last time strongly. Also because he has good backing with Alphonso Davies. The left-back creates space for my tongue as he advances. He lacked this assistance against Romania. Kehrer couldn’t, he was busy. My tongue rarely had strong sights on the ball, instead, it was busy pressing and kept getting balls. He got an applause for that. AP 89. Karim Adeymi Minutes: The hope of the storm from RB Salzburg came in the last minutes of my tongue. He introduced another class of counterattack. He again hinted that it could be very useful in the future.

Timo Werner: Herge Germany is looking for a striker and owns Timo Werner. He actually has many strengths, but he can rarely put up with them. It is not always easy at the club and he wants to find form and happiness in the national team. But it didn’t work. She fell way too easily after five minutes and almost got her “bonus” from the penalty spot. But that was rightfully withdrawn. A stupid, and at the same time, cheeky act before him. What we can’t blame him for: a lack of effort. Hardly any DFB player attracts as many sprinters as Werner. But the problem is that these races are often meaningless. Werner is not playable or not easy to play. Too many passes end up in his back or push him off target. It’s not just the target player in the penalty area that you need. It is still urgently needed. But a spectator actually found him and said to the national coach, “Hey, Hansey, where’s Tyrody?” From the 67th minute Thomas Muller: Somehow he did everything differently than Werner, somehow everything is better. With Havertz, who was also replaced, he also had another man in the middle. With Mueller came turmoil and danger. His goal was great. In fact, he ran into the corner to expose himself to the short version, but he finally left in a hurry, wandered across the penalty area and suddenly stood completely apart. Only one person can smell these tracks.


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