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Augmented reality to save your knee

Augmented reality to save your knee

Knee surgery has evolved a lot in recent years thanks to technology. The Occitanie region is at the fore. Union Clinic in Saint-Jean, At Haute-Garonne, he took a real hit on Monday. Orthopedic surgeons have installed an artificial knee joint using augmented reality technology for the first time.

Knee Reproduction

during operation, Doctors are equipped with augmented reality glasses Which reproduces the mobility of the knee during surgery, allowing the installation of the prosthesis taking into account the patient’s anatomy as closely as possible.

This information will then be transmitted to the NextAR platform, a new device in France. This 3D model models the knee and reproduces its movements and ligament tension during the procedure using sensors placed on the patient’s femur and tibia.

Increasing the life of the prosthesis

calendar? “Each patient benefits from a unique intervention adapted to their own pathology. Thanks to this new technology, the knee will be able to resume its work as quickly as possible, because the prosthesis is more precise,” explains Dr. Chimama of Union Clinic.

This innovative process provides the patient with a faster and less painful recovery after the operation. And above all to increase the life of the prosthesis. The use of this platform can also be extended soon for shoulder, hip and spine surgery.

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