Areas of France where there are very ticks ... or not

The tick bites, this is not rare. In four years, more than 56,000 reports – humans and animals combined – were identified through the Citique Participatory Programme, coordinated by the National Research Institute forAgricultureFood and Environment (Inrae). A growing number. Especially in private gardens.

In this map, the distribution by region of the number of analyzed ticks and the number of ticks, among them, vectors of pathogens.  © Jonas Durand, CiTIC

This is problematic because ticks – in our country, especially the so-called Ixodes ricinus – Remember, it could be pathogen vectors. They convey, for example, the famous Lyme disease.

In this map, the areas where you are most likely to encounter ticks.  © I. Lebert et al.  , Geospatial Health

To help protect the population, researchers analyzed data collected at seven observatories that feature different climates Metropolitan France as well as meteorological and environmental data (altitude, vegetation, soil, etc.). Additional field monitoring campaigns were also carried out. What comes out of it? Map showing danger zones. And very soon, a form that will allow you to submit it as a file weather report The Retail Risk. Predict tick activity based on weather conditions.


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