Steffen Vogeno nimmt an "Die Bachelorette" 2022 teil. Der Kandidat im Porträt.

in “Bachelorette Die” As you know, it’s all about love. That’s what Sharon Batiste is looking for in Thailand this year, hoping to find the man of her dreams. One of the candidates is Stephen Fogno Outside Großkneten near Bremen. He speaks the language of love because he lived in France for a while. He will show if that will convince his pink lady on RTL starting June 15th.

Why does Stephen participate? what’s he doing professionally? he has Instagram? We illustrate these questions in his picture.

“The Bachelor” – Stephen in profile: age, size, place of residence

Top facts about Steffen Vogeno at a glance:

  • Noun: Stephen Fogno
  • Modify: 27
  • residence: Großkneten near Bremen
  • profession: Sales Representative
  • Size: Unknown
  • hobbies: football and fitness
  • Instagram: vogen_o

That’s why Stephen is participating in “The Bachelorette” 2022

Where Year and a half He’s Stephen now Not connected He thinks that should be the end of it now: “I definitely want one conspiracywhich I’m totally in, An other way I can meet the woman of my dreams.” It will soon become clear how the trip to Greece will develop for him and whether the experience of love will suit him. All information about the broadcast of “The Bachelor” 2022 can be found here.

This is how Stephen’s dream woman should be

especially on teeth 27-year-old notices the first meeting. Since the first thing you look at is your face, looking well-groomed is very important to you. However, he attaches great importance to anyone positive charismaWhich “flashes” him, as he says himself. Also, she must have a feeling humor You have, I feel like you’re doing something expertise And the new to test. bitches and infidel sisters They had no chance with Stephen from the start.

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What does Stephen Fogno do for a living?

The “bachelorette” candidate loves to communicate with people. For this reason, he chose his job as Sales Representative Established. His strength is to impress people and score points with his personality and charm. It remains to be seen if this will also fit into The Bachelorette.

Stephen used to live in France

The plus point for the 27-year-old is that he speaks the language of love – and fluently. Until he was 16 years old, he lived with his mother in Alsace in France. So it remains to be seen if The Bachelorette will go away or if Stephen has to do more to impress his pink lady.

What does his mother have to do with his dates?

Rose filter is more than convinced About himself, because, as he claims about himself, he has very good chances with the “bachelorette”: “Every woman falls in love with the humor of a cheerful and charming man.” Good conversations and deep insights about everything. “I like to do the aggressive part and talk to a woman if I like her.” But if things don’t go as planned, then His mother takes care of the rest And he sorts it out, at the latest when he brings his lady home on time.

This is how Stephen knocks ‘The Bachelorette’ otherwise

The ‘Bachelorette’ participant describes himself as intense more open People who like to try new things. Everyone should know by now that he does not lack self-confidence. Moreover, Steffen says of himself: “No matter where I am: I exist funny, formative and make an impression.”

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Steffen Vogeno on Instagram

on his fans InstagramAccount, Steffen uploaded more photos. He shows himself in his stories sytlischen . clothes It proves how elegant it is in movement. As he shows himself from his own athletic side In football and in the gym. So far lies him number of followers It’s still in the three-digit range (as of June 14, 2022), but that should change when it goes live.

These guys want to beat Sharon Batiste

A glimpse of all candidates for the “Bachelor” 2022

Next to Steven still want 19 other men Conquer the heart of Sharon Batiste. Who is the others candidates Hey, you can see it here in the list:


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