Back to Half a Billion: Boxing Legend Tyson Fury's Crazy Plan

Back to half a billion
Boxing legend Tyson Fury’s crazy plan

Tyson Fury’s boxing career ends in April. In front of 94,000 spectators, the “King of the Gypsies” celebrates the passing of Muzaffar at Wembley Stadium. He achieved everything, he admitted at the time. Now he seems to have rethought, but a lot of money has to flow.

World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is courting a return to the boxing ring after his supposed retirement – but he wants to make $500 million for it. The 33-year-old said that several times. “I am happy to retire, it will cost people half a billion to get me out of retirement,” the Englishman said in a video via Twitter.

Fury discussed returning only on his promoter’s YouTube channel the night before. Should world champion Alexander Usyk win the rematch against ousted Fury compatriot Anthony Joshua, a unification battle could be envisaged: the Ukrainian holds the WBA, IBF and IBF belts. On English talkSport radio, Fury explained again: “What you have to do is raise half a billion. 500 million pounds or dollars, I don’t care as long as it’s half a billion.”

He doesn’t trust Joshua to beat Usyk in the rematch either. With the return, so Fury would also save the honor of British boxing: “If AJ is defeated again, there is only one man who can make up for this great fighting nation, and his name is Tyson Fury. I can solve all the problems to solve, I’m only a phone call away. But it’s half Billion. “

In April, Fury successfully defended his WBC belt against Dillian Whyte in front of 94,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium. Fury’s 32 win in the professional fight was 33 in a draw – Fury is still undefeated. After the battle at Wembley he spoke of the “last curtain of the gypsy king”: “I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve.”

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