ARD star says goodbye to cult show: 'Not an easy decision'

ARD star says goodbye to cult show: ‘Not an easy decision’

08/17/2021 at 9:14 am

ARD star Peter Heinrich Brix says goodbye

ARD star Peter Heinrich Brix says goodbye to “News from Büttenwarder”.

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It was for 15 years Peter Heinrich Brix Constable Lothar Krueger in ARD-Cult broadcasting “Großstadtrevier”. The actor kept it longer in the NDR cult show”News from Büttenwarder” the end.

Played for 24 years ARD-star Peter Heinrich Brix The role of Asche Tonnsen. In addition to the late Jan Feder, he was the star of the North German cult series.

ARD star Peter Heinrich Brix seals the end of ‘News from Büttenwarder’

But this is over now. After 24 years, the NDR has now announced the end of “News from Büttenwarder”. It is the end of an era.


This is “News from Büttenwarder”:

  • “News from Büttenwarder” is a TV show on NDR
  • Invented by Norbert Eberlin
  • The film takes place in the fictional village of Büttenwarder in Schleswig-Holstein


2500 minutes of broadcast, 4000 pages of text, 98 episodes. The “News from Büttenwarder” was the long shot for NDR. But Peter Heinrich Brix decided not to want to shoot more episodes.

ARD star Peter Heinrich Brix: ‘It wasn’t an easy decision for me’

“It was not an easy decision for me. But difficult decisions also have to be made. Don’t be sad because it’s over, but be grateful because it’s over,” Otfried Fischer once said in a similar vein. “It was a wonderfully good time at Büttenwarder,” said Brix at NDR. “.

A difficult decision that makes officials sad. “News from Büttenwarder” is much more than a series. Within two and a half decades, it has become a cult: with deeply likable characters that bring a dry, often exaggerated North German character to the point. I cannot appreciate Peter Heinrich Brix’s contribution to this matter highly enough. NDR program director Franz Beckmann explains that the fact that he left “Büttenwarder” is a bitter loss – we do not want to continue the series without Adsche as the main character.

But it’s not over yet. In December, NDR premieres the last four episodes of “News from Büttenwarder”.


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As the cult program nears its end in NDR, ZDF isn’t even considering selling “Bares for Rares.” Especially when stories like this keep coming out.

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