Sports commentator and TV presenter Frank Buschi Buschmann deleted his social media accounts.pictureZeitung, this is because of the growing wave of “hatred and incitement” – mostly by people who completely distort his words.

He simply has no desire to make accusations of racism through poetry. “I feel better without Facebook and Twitter,” said the 56-year-old.

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Bushman slams “public discontent culture”

He detailed, “I completely unsubscribe from both networks. That was a very conscious decision. 80 to 90 percent of what came there was positive. But I no longer like the basic idea in general. They are constantly trying to blame and divide people,” he explained in detail.

In the end, he was described as a racist because he told his daughter, “Don’t say niggers.” “The accusation was then that I reproduced the N word with it. But she doesn’t understand the N word, it has to be explained. It’s insane – and a very bad development that we shouldn’t all add to it anymore,” Bushman noted.

In his view, a “public culture of discontent” is leading in the “wrong direction.” So, in the end, withdrawal from social media, which was very active previously.

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