Arctic winter is more likely in March – it snows in Mallorca

Arctic winter is more likely in March – it snows in Mallorca
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In Germany the weather is getting colder again. But southern Europe also faces a cold spell and snow – even in Mallorca.

MUNICH – Winter is expected to return to Germany this weekend, and meteorologists are also forecasting snow. But it seems that the winter weather is not only hitting the Federal Republic. It’s really cold all over Europe.

Weather in Europe: Winter wave hits southern Europe – “It’s snowing in Mallorca”

According to the start-of-the-week weather forecast on Monday (February 27), even states least associated with snow will have to deal with the white extravaganza. These include France, Spain and Italy as well as Croatia and Bosnia. Meteorologist Jan Schenck predicted that “it will snow in Mallorca in the next few days.” weather channel Regarding the weather in Europe, “Southern Europe is also affected by this winter wave. Many regions are getting a lot of snow that you didn’t expect.”

According to the weather forecast, the most snow is expected in the Balkans. In Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, more than 50 centimeters of fresh snow may be left, according to forecasts. weather channel. With regard to weather in Europe, the meteorologist explains that the cold air front, moving south from Germany and other countries in Central Europe, creates an “air mass boundary between warm and cold.” It snows heavily on this border.”

Motorists wear their snow chains on a snowy road in Huesca, northeastern Spain
Heavy snowfall may occur in southern Europe in the coming days. © Veronica Lacasa/Dr

The air mass limit separates Europe when it comes to weather – “warm versus cold always brings plenty of snowfall”

The boundary of said air mass extends from the Spanish mainland through southern France and northern Italy to the Balkans. As a result, warm and cold air masses meet again and again in weather Europe on Monday. “Warm versus cold always brings a lot of snowfall,” adds Schenk. Snow is also expected on the popular holiday island of Mallorca on Monday morning. In fact, German tourists are better known for summer, sun and beach.

The weather expert also predicts about 15 cm of snow in Provence (France). Meanwhile, central Italy blooms up to half a meter white splendor, and Croatia and Bosnia are hit hardest. The meteorologist announced in his Weather Forecast for Europe that in the border region of both countries “there could be up to 1 meter of fresh snow in 24 hours”. In his weather forecast, he spoke of “very blizzard conditions in southern Europe”.

Earthquake zones in Turkey and Syria expect milder weather and Europe in March in the Arctic

But the cold snap in southern Europe is having benefits elsewhere. It’s pushing warm air, which has also recently brought mild weather to Germany, eastward. As a result, people in the earthquake zone in Turkey and Syria can hope for milder temperatures. This weather forecast should at least bring some relief to the many people in emergency shelters.

Meanwhile, spring is still a long way off in Germany after the start of the arctic winter. March can be more wintery than spring. (x)


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