Snow covered holiday island: Mallorca is a snowy mess

Status: 02/28/2023 5:09 PM

Storms, rain and snow: a storm front sweeps across the island of Mallorca. Many roads are impassable. The authorities are urging people not to leave their homes. More floods are expected in the coming days.

Storm “Juliet” hits the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca with hurricane-like tornadoes, heavy rain and snow. The authorities are urging locals and tourists to stay at home.

Many roads are impassable due to snow or fallen trees, as reported by the “Mallorca Zeitung”. In the island’s capital, Palma, an important road has collapsed in two places. Nobody gets hurt.

Damage after snowfall in Mallorca

Reuters 28/2/2023 4:22 PM

Heavy storms blow over the Spanish holiday island

Wind gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour swept north of Mallorca. The waves on the coasts reached eight meters in height.

On the Tramontana archipelago, the snow in some places reaches half a meter deep. Already on Monday many people visited the mountain village of Valldemossa to play in the snow. This caused long traffic jams on the roads. Sometimes it also snows in the lowlands and on the beaches. But the snow didn’t stay long in the bathing bays.

The party is miles free of snow

Palma and Palerman were largely saved from the snow. Heavy rains caused severe damage in some cases.

In Pollenca, a village in the north, 171 liters of water per square meter fell from the sky in 24 hours. Small waterways formed torrents that flooded the areas of the bank. Cellars and underground garages were also filled.

The winter depression that gripped Europe on Monday has settled on the island. The mountain village of Valldemossa covered in snow.

Photo: AFP

Expect more floods

The winter storm is expected to subside again on the island on Wednesday. However, when temperatures rise again and the snow in the mountains melts, more flooding is feared in Mallorca.


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