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April and April: Ideas for pranks via WhatsApp and Co.


Want to send your friends or acquaintances to April via WhatsApp? We’ve collected some ideas for pranks here.

This is how you send your friends to April without much effort.

This is how you send your friends to April without much effort. (Source: VadimVasenin /

  • You can also send your friends to April via WhatsApp.
  • You can use different tools for this.
  • We’ve collected some ideas for pranks.

Want to fool your friends on the 1st of April, but you have no ideas? Then we will help you. It doesn’t always take days of planning a successful April Fools joke, and many jokes can also be done quickly – for example via WhatsApp or Facebook.

How about a classic, for example: the famous rickrolling, where you redirect your conversation partner to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video via a manipulated link?

Here are some other ideas you can try online for April Fools’ Day:

  • For example, you can fake your WhatsApp chat history and pretend, for example, that you are pregnant or that you are chatting with a celebrity.
  • Or assign a celebrity to deliver a joke message to your friends via video via engraving or shouting.
  • Some messengers on computers or smartphones use moving dots in the message field to indicate that the other person is typing. If you want, you can take advantage of this on April 1st. Because there is so much on the web gif files With those exact moving points. If you send these messages, the recipient may be waiting in vain for a message you’re not actually writing.
  • Use social networks! For example, you can change your relationship status on Facebook and confuse your friends. Congratulations on the wedding that didn’t have much fun on your wall.
  • With the Zoom Escaper tool, you can just fake the noise in the video conference and send the other participants to April.
  • Another April Fools joke idea can be a special Zoom wallpaper that you bring back to your video chat. Instead, tune your voice with these tools.
  • An April Fool’s joke about friends signing up for weird email newsletters can also be implemented remotely. From the airline union to the ferret club, there are countless organizations on the Internet that the victims of your prank have nothing to do with. The more unexpected objective orientation of the newsletter, in which your acquaintances simply register, the more likely they will be surprised.
  • Or send in a few flat jokes, it always pays off well.

Where does April 1 usually come from?

But why do we play pranks on April 1st? The origin of the custom has not been definitively clarified. One possible theory dates back to 1564. At that time, the French King Charles IX carried out a calendar reform; He moved New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. However, there were people who, in part, out of ignorance, continued to celebrate the New Year at the end of March. Then it is referred to as April Fools’ Day.

Another possible explanation also comes from France. In the early 17th century, King Henry IV was said to have received an invitation to a wedding on April 1st from a simple girl from the common people. The king did not dislike the young lady and agreed to the proposed meeting in the secluded Pleasure Palace. His unknown alum was not waiting for him there, but the whole court, including his wife. She is said to have thanked him for accepting her invitation to the Foolish Ball.

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