Chris Emler, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Denzel Curry, Destroyer: Pop Albums of the Week at Sound Check - Culture

Chris Emler: Plastic surgery (FITC / Bertus)
Great title, because this album is also like open heart plastic surgery and with an open voice. The beat that sings, the vocals that dance and the look that sits, there’s no better way to describe Chris Imler’s experimental music special, the press release says. It rattles and rattles, jingles and grooves tremendously. Milena Fismann, Radio

Hot red pepper: Unlimited Love (Warner)
He appears as the prodigal son only once in the Bible, every few years to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Guitarist John Frusciante joined the band for the third time after leaving twice. Frusciante usually ends the creative dry spell of crosshairs, who traditionally can only use his full potential with him. Same thing now. Torsten Gross, broker

Denzel Carey: My eyes melt to see your future (PH / Loma Vista)
It’s actually pretty weird that the South Florida rapper isn’t really that much known. He is one of the most talented and confrontational artists in the genre. His fifth record keeps that promise: diverse hip-hop with eclectic borrowings, meticulously orchestrated guests, and a flow of rap that beats wildly to the beats. Only the pace is the least aggressive this time around. Annette Scheffel, Süddeutsche Zeitung

destructive: Labyrinthitis (Bella union)
Dan Bejar aka Destroyer made an album of Talking Heads song “Road To Nowhere”. Ten songs about wandering, during which the fog blows or a rhythm suddenly appears to invite you to dance. Depeche mode meets new demand in 2022. What’s that ringing in your ear? And why does all this feel so good? Julia Fries, culture journalist

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