Anti-aging nutrition: Nuts, pomegranate and cocoa help
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We can’t stop aging, but proper nutrition can help your body’s cells and skin stay fresh and healthy for longer.

The gradual aging process begins from the age of twenty: the content of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, and the first small wrinkles appear. Melanin production in hair slows down, turning gray from age 30 or earlier. The ability to hear also decreases, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hear especially high tones. The production of alveoli decreases, and our body begins to lose stamina and strength, such as Quark knowledge mentioned.

Everyone gets older, getting older is a natural process that is also genetically controlled. Through a healthy lifestyle around Diet with intermittent fasting Also, sports and a lot of exercise can have a positive effect on cell aging.

Nutrition: Ten foods that help the skin and body stay young for longer

Despite your inclinations, you can do a lot to preserve your cells. In addition to the right diet, adequate exercise is actually an important success factor. Exercising regularly helps the body Reduce stress and thus reduce the formation of free radicalsfor this reason Leibniz Institute for Research on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute eV (FLI). In addition, exercise activates the immune system so that the aging processes are slowed down more effectively. Sports also strengthen the muscles and tighten the skin. It turns out that athletes in general have particularly elastic skin.

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