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Apple releases its quarterly numbers for the third fiscal quarter, which corresponds to the second quarter of 2021, tonight. In the lead-up to these numbers, analysts had huge expectations: A significant increase in sales and profits is expected.

Then, by evening German time, Apple will present its quarterly figures: They describe the company’s performance for the third fiscal quarter of 2021, which falls into the second quarter of this year. In the lead up to these numbers, the mood among analysts was cheerfully optimistic: The company is expected to do more. average framework expected sales The most recent quarter is $72.93 billion. For comparison: in the same period last year, Apple made about $59.69 billion.

25 analysts set a relatively high benchmark for the numbers: the most pessimistic estimate is a turnover of $65.68 billion. Even the most optimistic forecast is confident that Apple will generate $77.15 billion in revenue last quarter.

Some new products have been introduced

In the last quarter, Apple introduced several new products: for example, the new, small and colorful iMac with a 24-inch screen, M1 processor, iPad Pro with M1 chip and small LED screen went on sale.

Against this background, most analysts also assume that Apple shares will continue to rise: Average 28 Analysts You see the paper at $161; It is currently trading around the $146 mark. Even a particularly cheerful forecast considers an increase of up to $185 a possibility. However, there are also warnings that believe that another drop below the $100 level is possible.

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