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Statistically one of the most creative strikers in Europe

Herta Access Steven Zovetik (Image Image / Matthias Koch)
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Herta B.Sc has issued a new signature Steven Jovedic for free transfer in Austria. The creative attacking player speaks five languages ​​and brings his experience to the team from various top teams. The fact that he is vulnerable to injury only raises suspicions. Until the author

Partisan Belgrade, Belarus, Manchester City, Inter Milan, Sevilla FC and AS Monaco: Steven Zovetics’ previous clubs sound like adversaries on a successful journey through the European Cup season. But in the medium term, Hertha BSC wants to position itself again in the European competition.

With 31-year-old Zovetik, new manager Freddie Bofic has now piloted a striker for Berlin, who has played exclusively for the best teams of his career. He knew of Hertha’s best story, and in his first media round after arriving at the training camp in Austria, Zvodik was obliged to say: “Freddie explained this plan to me.” Poppick’s success at Eintrach Frankfurt would have convinced him.

Tortoise sees Zovetik as a hanging tip

Zovetic speaks five languages ​​and knows all the best leagues

Despite these excellent capabilities, there are reasons why the Steven Zovetics contract in Monaco has not been renewed. Again and again in his career he withdrew from injuries. In his last three seasons in C டிte d’Azur alone, Zovetik has missed 86 matches. As usual, Paul Darday explains that this is a benefit of practice. His new defense is a mental player: “He was often injured, but always struggled on the way back.”

One of the mentioned injury fractures helped Zovetik gain his first German knowledge. He learned his first words and phrases after two months of treatment in Oxburg, the striker said. In general, he should help the team from the field with his best experience. “It’s good for the dressing room and good for team chemistry,” Dartay believes.

Zovetik believes that too. Kevin Prince Bodeng received him neatly and greeted him in Italian: “We will have a lot of fun on and off the field.” Since the newcomer speaks English, French and Spanish in addition to Italian and Montenegrin, communication with other teams must also function. The sixth club change of his career meant that Steven Jovatic would only play as the third player in the top five European leagues.

Bobik is well versed in zoological advice

Before that can happen, according to Darday, lengthy discussions are needed. Season one and a half will start with a cup game in Memphis in a week. Due to the late relocation, Zovetik missed most of the production. Despite Darday’s intention from the very first section that the experienced newcomer is tactically disciplined, he missed many processes from serious preparation.

“We need to talk to him a lot in the future,” Darday declared. After all, Steven Jovedik already knows his way in Berlin. His agent has lived here for 30 years, which is why he says he visits the capital frequently. In general, it is worth looking at Leon Sports, a relocation consulting firm. Because manager Freddie Bobic is well known: in addition to Steven Jovatic, he also represents players such as Philip Gostic, Ante Rebic and Luka Jovic, who has guided Eintrach Frankfurt three times.

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