An eleven-year-old meets Christian Eriksen: the first photo after his hospitalization

A very special experience: an 11-year-old boy happened to meet Christian Eriksen on the beach – his Instagram post caused quite a stir. The young fan also mentions his impression.

It was a wonderful moment for little Bjorn. The 11-year-old fan accidentally met Christian Eriksen on the beach on Friday afternoon – and snapped a very special photo with the Danish soccer star: Eriksen’s first photo on social media since he was hospitalized after collapsing in the European Championship match between the Danes. against Finland (0:1).

“He looked so healthy and refreshed, it was really nice to see him,” BT’s Bjorn Bendzus said of the unexpected encounter. The boy, who plays ice hockey in his spare time, wrote on Instagram about the photo: “I am lucky with the most famous man in the world.”

The photo shows Eriksen in shorts, white T-shirt and black baseball cap, smiling. Bjorn’s mother, Diana, took the photo on the beach in Tesfelde, about 60km north of Copenhagen.

“I was nervous and couldn’t utter a word,” the selfie hunter said the moment he asked the famous kicker about the photo. Eriksen, who was out with his girlfriend, immediately and gladly agreed.

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