Home Top News Already in 2023? Formula 1 chief Domenicali pushes for Africa

Already in 2023? Formula 1 chief Domenicali pushes for Africa

Already in 2023?  Formula 1 chief Domenicali pushes for Africa

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 has hosted 24 world championship races in Africa since 1950, but has always avoided the continent since 1993. That could change, perhaps as early as 2023. Because Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali is planning a comeback Africa: He’s traveling right after the Baku Grand Prix According to information received from the “Daily Mail” to South Africa for appropriate talks.

Formula 1 in Kyalami

Formula 1 in Kyalami, which was last in the 1993 season (archive photo)


According to the report, Domenicali wants to bring back the site of the former Kyalami Grand Prix near Johannesburg. I drove Formula 1 there several times between 1967 and 1993.

Since then, the 4,529 km track has been extensively modernized, but at the moment it “only” has FIA Class II and therefore does not have the required approval for Formula 1 racing. But Class I classification is likely only a formality in The case for an agreement on hosting the Grand Prix.

Domenicali pushes to Africa

In any case, it appears Domenicali is ready to bring Formula 1 back to Africa. Domenicali says he sees “great potential” that the racing series will be there again “soon”. The interest in Formula 1 and the Grand Prix is ​​”great”. “It is also an area that is still missing from our calendar.”

However, next year Las Vegas will already be a new Formula 1 race, and the Chinese Grand Prix will likely return in Shanghai as well. Should the current race make way for Africa’s return?

Photo series: New Formula 1 tracks since 2000

Domenicali doesn’t rule it out: “It’s up to us to find the right balance between the historical values ​​of the old and famous racetracks in Europe and new locations around the world. It’s possible that some of the current grand prix races will no longer be available on the calendar.”

France is a shaky candidate

For example, the French Grand Prix at Le Castellet is a shaky candidate. Because the contract with Formula 1 expires in 2022. But other European racetracks are being “calculated” and you have to worry about staying on the calendar or hoping to resolve the rotation.

Meanwhile, seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is clearly in favor of South Africa: “This is close to my heart and it will be important. [dieses Land] To return to the calendar. Formula 1 has a lot of fans out there. And it would be great to be able to show how beautiful the motherland is. ”

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