Stormgate: StarCraft Developers Announced RTS in Unreal Engine 5

Stormgate: StarCraft Developers Announced RTS in Unreal Engine 5

Stormgate is a real-time co-op strategy game from Frost Giant Studios, a group of former Blizzard developers. The title will be developed in Unreal Engine 5 and aims to address the spiritual legacy of the popular StarCraft and Warcraft games. Interested parties can now sign up for a closed beta.

The spiritual legacy of StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3

Frost Giant was founded in 2020 by some of the former Blizzard employees. These include Tim Morten, who worked on StarCraft 2, Tim Campbell, former lead designer of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, and Joseph Shank, who was responsible for the gameplay in Warcraft 3. As the immediate future of StarCraft 3 became unlikely Increasingly, the group says they have left Blizzard and set up their own studio to create the real-time strategy game of their dreams.

Stormgate has now been revealed as part of Summer Game Fest 2022 (Live Overview), which runs through early next week. The title should offer an elaborately structured storyline and, above all, be more accessible than previous RTS games. Among other things, a completely redesigned user interface should ensure this, but the level of difficulty for beginners has also been reduced. However, it must also be scalable at will, so that Stormgate also offers veterans challenging games related to purchasing resources, building their own bases, raising and coordinating armies.

Sci-fi with humans, invading aliens, and a third faction

As a setting, Frost Giant Studios has once again chosen a science fiction universe, Stormgate Plays”Hundreds of years into the future“, but there must also be fantasy elements. The content is about the invasion of Earth by hostile alien species. Humanity has been nearly wiped out, but a last group of fighters in mech robots put up fierce resistance. This calls two of the playable factions, and they must There will be at least third factions. StarCraft Terrans fans see in resilient Earthlings, while the appearance of aliens is reminiscent of Diablo. But so far, all this can only be seen in a cinematic trailer. The gameplay is not shown.

The developers promise lavish graphics using Unreal Engine 5. Stormgate should offer high definition compositions for a 4K gaming experience with hundreds of units. Frost Giant promises a variety of different sites, and there should also be a powerful editor for custom tasks, including custom maps and mini-games. But the developers are also promising a constant stream of new content, so Stormgate should be regularly supplemented with new campaign missions, game modes, maps, units, and more.

Free-to-play game is set to become the first social RTS game

The real-time strategy game is designed as a free-to-play title and will offer a campaign, one-on-one competitive multiplayer mode as well as a co-op mode. Up to three players face AI opponents, developers talk about “The first social RTSThe campaign can also be competed in pairs. Meanwhile, the combination of the words ‘Free-to-Play’ and ‘Blizzard’ can quickly get readers to think about the winning debate over Diablo Immortal, but reassure Frost Giant: monetization is limited on additional optional content. That should never be possible for money”To remove obstacles to the game or get benefits.

Stormgate will be released exclusively for PC on Steam. The developers have not yet announced a release period or even system requirements, but they indicate a closed beta testing phase that is set to begin in the middle of next year. Those interested can Ready to register now.


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