Almost everyone makes 3 harmful posture mistakes in everyday life

Benefits of an erect posture

An upright posture protects our spine. On the other hand, a twisted posture leads to complaints and tension in the back. A person’s pelvic floor is also strengthened by the upright position. In addition, an upright posture gives us a better presence and more self-confidence.

Almost everyone makes 3 harmful posture mistakes in everyday life

In the twenty-first century, most people spend most of their daily lives sitting: sitting in front of a computer or laptop for eight hours – or looking at their cell phones. Punishment? Back pain, tension in the neck and pain in the shoulders. An incorrect posture can be easily corrected if you pay attention to it consciously. We expose posture errors that almost everyone makes in everyday life.

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1. Sitting near the laptop

Most of us are probably familiar with this situation: we are working on a laptop or in front of a computer and get very close to the screen. Instead of an upright position, the back becomes twisted and twisted. This position is not healthy for your back or eyes. Try to get upright and conscious and take frequent breaks in between. This is important for loosening the body and its muscles.

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