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“All Friendship” (ARD): The series star is celebrating a comeback – but fans shouldn’t be too quick to look forward to it

The popular series “In Aller Frontus” (All Friendships) is back with a fantastic TV show. However, there is a catch in the return.

Munich – The Schchenclinic Receives Strengthens! It is urgently needed, and above all, in the case of Mary, a real expert is needed. Of course, viewers of the popular TV series “All Friendly” will immediately know what a subtle situation this is. Martin Stein’s daughter Mary (played by Bernhard Betterman) is in hospital and her condition is deteriorating. But what is the reason for their weak mood? At the Saxon Clinic, there is a helpless condition.

Based on an old friend who left the Munich Clinic 1.5 years ago, there is hope for help in this dangerous situation. Now she is back with the task of discovering the mysteries behind Mary’s illness. We are talking about Doctor. Lee Peters, played by actress Anja Nejari.

“In All Friendships”: Anja Negeri returns as Doctor. Lee Peters to the TV screen

The 46-year-old actually returned to the TV series 1.5 years ago — to the tragedy of the audience. He last appeared in the episode “Separation Pain” in early 2020. The reasons for Nejari’s departure are personal. At the time, he explained in a video posted on the series on Instagram: “Yes, I am leaving Saxony Clinic for two simple reasons. I came from Cologne and had two small children. So, the priority at this time is entirely for my children or my family. I hope you understand my decision and can confirm that you can not take the time back.

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At the end of the video, Nejari adds: “Yes, we will see you. Of course. “This last farewell promise from the spring of 2020 is now actually being fulfilled.

Dr. Lee Peters (Anja Nejari) and Babette Dietrich (Jasmine Al Jihari, R) urgently need to find out what’s going on.

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The re-emergence of TV Dr. Lee Peter in “In Aller Frontus”: There is only a short moment of joy for the fans

But fans should see the doctor. Lee Peters was not immediately pleased because it was only a guest appearance when she returned to the Saschenclinic. In terms of content, of course, this also applies to duty calls in Munich.

If you are looking for Anja Nejari’s last plans, you will soon notice that the actress is not often in front of the camera. In the spring of this year she was shown “unbroken” in the ZDF series. Now a small guest role in “In Aller Frontes”. As Colorful According to reports, Nejari is said to have completed the collaboration with his company. This suggests that the future should continue to focus on the Nejari family. But who knows, sometimes the Saxony Clinic may need a real specialist back from Munich. (Where)

“All Friendship” Episode Dr. Guest Lee Peters airs on television on October 26th.

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