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Aldi and Lidl: Beware This Competition – Disgusting Scam!

Aldi and Lidl: Customers should take their hands off this competition – it’s not what it seems

This is the reason for the existence of the equator Aldi

This is the reason for the existence of the equator Aldi

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You are Aldi– o Lidl-Customer and want to get your next purchases for free? This looks very tempting. A competition is currently running the rounds on social media, which indicates that opponents want to give you coupons. But be warned, it’s a nasty scam!

2000 euros because of Lidl Are you supposed to celebrate your fiftieth anniversary? This sounds good, but unfortunately it is a theft from data collectors who want your personal data. There is a link currently circulating on Whatsapp to encourage you to participate in the survey. Then it looks like a big win. But the puff cake!

Aldi and Lidl: Attention, fake competitions are circulating! This is the new scam

As Mimikama, the “Internet Abuse Investigation Association” announces, you will be asked to click on a survey link. You will then be asked to share the link in five groups or optionally with 20 people. If you have installed Facebook Messenger on your smartphone, you will also be asked to forward the mock competition to your contacts there.

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Scam creators get more data in no time at all. But you can easily see from the URL that this is not a real competition. In the line there is: – a clear indication that you are not on any of the Lidl sites.


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And now Aldi is playing his part. If you, unfortunately, have followed the instructions so far, you can speak out mimicama You still do not enter your details, but you will be redirected to a fake Aldi contest. Here, too, it leads you to believe that you can earn big profits – but this is not the case.


This is the Lidl:

  • Discover Lidl was founded in Neckarsulm in 1973
  • Lidl operates around 10,800 branches in 32 countries
  • Lidl is a subsidiary of the Schwarz Group
  • Sales in the 2019/20 financial year amounted to 89 billion euros
  • Lidl employs more than 190,000 people worldwide
  • Bulletin with offers shown weekly أسبوع


However, if you enter your data here and check the box with your consent, this can have unpleasant consequences – in the form of spam messages with prizes, coupons and other alleged business activities.

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So next time, look very carefully if an offer from Lidl and Aldi is serious and you’d better hesitate twice before carelessly revealing your personal data online. (youth)

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