Against the health card, more than 200 events are expected for the sixth day of mobilization

Events – Health card opponents are planning more than 200 demonstrations in major cities of France, on the afternoon of Saturday 20 August, marking the sixth consecutive weekend.

Gatherings are planned in the main cities of France, from Lille to Toulon, and in smaller towns, such as Sarlat, Vichy or Antibes.

In Paris, four processions are organized, including two on the initiative of the “yellow vests” groups, one departing from Place Ch√Ętelet and the other near the Ministry of Health at 12 noon. Another huge gathering was organized at the invitation of the Patriots by Florian Philippot of Denver Rochero Square at 2:30 PM.

An important device

A police source told AFP that between 13,900 and 17,000 participants were expected to arrive in the capital.

A major law enforcement system will be deployed to oversee the Paris rallies, which have taken place without major incidents over the past two weeks. This dissonant movement, which began in mid-July and gathers beyond a galaxy skeptical of a vaccine or conspiracy, grew in an unprecedented way in the middle of summer.

Last week, the August 15 weekend, the Ministry of Interior recorded 214,845 protesters across the country, a slight decrease in participation compared to the previous week.

The militant group Le Nombre Jaune, which publishes a city-by-city census, counted more than 388,843 protesters across France, a slight decrease compared to the 415,000 counted by the same organization the previous Saturday.

“A wonderful and unique national event on Saturday 4th September”

With the start of the school year approaching, Florent Philippot, former No. 2 of the National Assembly, called for “one great patriotic event on Saturday, September 4th”, with the participation of “all political forces”.

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The extension of the health permit, which is already mandatory in bars, restaurants and hospitals, continues in France. Since Monday, more than 120 supermarkets and supermarkets in the Paris region and the southern half of France are now obligated to systematically review the document.

Meanwhile, 40,508,406 people now have a full vaccination schedule (60.1% of the total population), according to data released Thursday by health authorities.

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